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  1. That is a real nice blanket it is really pretty. I am sure she will love wrapping up in it. Ps Was wondering what pattern was using on the square that is great with the white snowflake in the middle thank you. Katheirne
  2. Do You have the link to the site for the butterfly? Thanks
  3. I want to say thank you so much for the package I got in the mail. All the stuff is wonderful. I have not had tome to take any pictures. I got a great pair or scciorrs and some darning needles and a potholder I am sure I am leaving something out and I am sorry if I dont list everything. We had been out of town and I came home and it was waiting on me in the mail box then my daughter got sick and I not had tome to post. I am really sorry for not posting sooner. But I trully love my stuff and thanks so very much for the package. katherine
  4. oK Great tahsnk for advice I tryed that and it worked. Why I not think of it before I no idea lol
  5. I got a crochet dudes yarn cutter as a girft does anyone know how to use it? lol I have tryed searching and no luck yet. Thanks Katherine
  6. Thank you again Shell I love it and I will be on the look out for the pattern to give it a try
  7. I Got my box from Shell Today. I am so excited. I got a winderful tote in a mix oc colors purples and green trimed in fun fur I got a crochet dude tape measure which i needed a new one I got a crochet dude yarn cutter I have always wanted one not to furgure out how to use it lol. I also got a ball of yarn called spa silky soft bambbo blend its so soft may make a scarf out it also got two thngs of butterfly stickers thanks so much Shell I loved it all
  8. Thats so swet of you shell.Hopefully it will show up soon. Hope you are able to get some rest soon
  9. My name is in red mommybutterfly my patner got her package July 8. Shell said mine should be here any day and once i receive it i will post I have it
  10. Its ok Shell. I totally understand it is hard to when you work hours are same time everythng else is open. My hubby had to mail my package for you also. I hope you able to get a little rest soon.
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