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  1. Anyone have pictures of this set? Please share.
  2. please update the link for this pattern. Every time I click on the link, it says error.
  3. Link on the page at Ravelry (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/patriotic-wreath ) needs updated. Nice! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks, I've had a lot of fun with this pattern. Enjoy!
  5. Oh winter is coming...........and it promises to be a COLD one with lots of snow this year. For a gal with short hair, that means cold ears. Yeah, a hat helps some, but my ears still get cold. So what's a gal to do.........get out her trusty crochet hook and some yarn.......see what the mind can design. I present to you my Ear Warmer Beanie. A hat for the top of your head with a built in ear warmer. And it's simple enough for an advanced beginner, due to BPDC and the trick with the SC. It's reversible (if you don't like the ridges showing, I like them). http://laceangelscrochetjournal.blo
  6. Or this pattern: https://www.freepatterns.com/detail.html?code=FC00504&cat_id=324
  7. I know this isn't the exact pattern, but maybe it will help. https://www.freepatterns.com/detail.html?code=FC00308&cat_id=324
  8. I LOVE it. I usually make clothes for my granddaughter's doll, but I want this one for myself!
  9. Thanks so much. Have a granddaughter that will appreciate these for Christmas.
  10. That is absolutely beautiful! A true work of art! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us.
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