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  1. Can you give us an idea as to what the difficulty level is of the pattern? (any advanced stiches used?) That would help in figuring out how long it would take us. I'm a possibility, but Christmas has to be finished first.
  2. That is so pretty. I followed the link to the pattern, and it confuses me. It says you chain 18 and then sc in the first ch. then you chain 18 and sc in the sc you just made... doesn't that mean the original 18 is almost like a tail?
  3. Ok... I'll be done with the body of this in the next few nights. Now I need to figure out how I will finish it off. Any ideas? I'm just doing Double crochet, so I figured I'd boarder it in a round or two of SC. THen, last night, my husband asked if it was going to have fringe. But I don't think Carmen would make good fringe, do you? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. O.k. The emailed the woman who was posted in the link that will send you the pattern for $5.... and she isn't emailing me back.... dangit. Gotta find this pattern.....
  5. I really like the spiral scarf battern on LB.... I have a number of skeins of Bernat Boa, and am wondering if this might work for it, or with all the fluffiness the spiral effect would be lost? Plus, I know they use two different yarns in theirs.... What do you think?
  6. How many skeins so far? I think about 22. I ordered 40 off of Mary Maxim when they had a yarn sale and got it, with shipping, for about $120. Expensive, but half the price of Michael's. Right now the afghan measures 51 inches long and about 53 inches wide. I'm using a P hook. The afghan is for my DH, and he likes to be able to bury himself up in it and have plenty left to cuddle. I figure that I'll make the afghan around 7 feet.... since he's 5 foot 6 that should be more than enough to wrap around his feet and cuddle up by his neck. The 40 skeins should more than last...... and if they don't, then the afghan ends up shorter. I told him I wasn't paying full price for it. My daughter likes to cuddle under it already as I'm working on it, and we've discovered that it can go over all three of us, so it will be nice for family time.
  7. Just signed up for mine! Thank you:clap !!! I used this once before in the hot pink color and made a scarf. I love it!
  8. Personally, I put alot of time and effort and love into projects that I give as gifts. My time to crochet is time I spend relaxing. I also tend to think about the person I am making the gift for alot. So, if I was making something for someone that I knew would see no value in it, I would then be spending my time to relax being really mad. And that isn't relaxing. Value the work that you do, and don't give it to someone who wouldn't appreciate it.
  9. O.k... I"m new here.... what does Frogging mean?
  10. That's beautiful! I made the Martha Poncho for myself, and when I was done, the area covering my arms wasn't quiet long enough for me, so I extended it.. .but then you get into the problem of it coming down too far in front. I think it would be nice to have the arms covered more, but you don't want it to come too far down in the front on her. If you increase it at all, I'd say not much. Beautiful piece:)
  11. Thank you..... I"m new here... what does "Frog" mean? And Actually, while most eyelash yarn makes you want to stick the hook in your eye rather than rip back, the Carmen is so monumentally soft that it just glides when you need to rip back. That being said, I"m only double crocheting the whole thing, so there really isn't anything complicated going on. Plus, I think combing it with the RH helps.
  12. Wow. I really admire people who can say, "No pattern... made it up as I went along". Really beautiful.
  13. Hi there, I'm new... and I haven't commited yet to this CAL-- but I'm seriously thinking about it. I was wondering, Drew, if you remember what colors you used in your afghan... I know it's been a few years.
  14. I went to our Yarn event and I was the only crocheter-- so I won the basket! 5 skeins of of Bernat Boa, 1 of Homespun and some hooks. Yeah me!
  15. Here is my current WIP, an afghan out of Carmen and Red Heart yarn.
  16. Hi, and Welcome from just a little bit west of you on Hwy 80. I can see why Sacramento is a little hard to take if you've lived in Italy! I'm new here too.
  17. Hi, I've been reading the forums here for about a week or so, and decided to join in. Mostly, I'm hoping that I'll now be forced to push myself to make some of the wonderful things I see you all making. I've been crocheting since I was about 12... so that's about 25 years ago. I have a 16 month old daughter, who is the light of my husband's and my life. My current project is an afghan for hubby. I'm using Paton's Carmen yarn. It's the softest eyelash yarn I've ever seen. I'm combining it with some Red heart in order to give the afghan some structure. It's coming along nicely... it' kind of looks like an animal pelt... I just can't figure out which one. Once I finish that, and the few projects I want to do for christmas (how many weeks left??) I"m thinking of trying to join in on the Cathedral Window crochet-a-long. (but I"m completely intimidated by the idea) Anyway, hello everyone! Nice to be here.
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