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  1. Once again, I come to you all to ask for help with a cause that is so near to my heart. In 2006, my son was born with a disorder so rare that there were only 6 documented cases in the world in the 10 years preceding his birth. It was a terrifying time for my family, but we are fortunate to live near Oakland Children's Hospital, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nathan was in the hospital for 10 days and the staff saved his life. Today, he is the picture of health, with no complications stemming from the disorder he was born with. It vanished as miraculously as it came. While Nathan was in the hospital, to say we were scared was an understatement. I have an amazing family who are very supportive and loving. But, I have to say, I drew incredible strength from the kindness and prayers that strangers showed us while Nathan was there. This project is my attempt to give back some of what we were given. I ask for afghans for the babies, but really, ANY handmade item would be wonderful. Just something that shows the families of these babies that people are thinking of them in their fight. I can tell you that the parents on the receiving end of these items will truly never ever forget your kindness. 8 years later, I still have the handmade cards from local school kids- and I still cry every time I see them. I ask for afghans, or hats, or booties, or jackets... ANYTHING that you feel compelled to make will have a baby that needs it. This year, we will surpass 1300 afghans for the total delivered since Nathan was born. If you knit, crochet, quilt... all of it is great! The NICU cares for aproximately 400 babies in a year. My ultimate goal is that every child who passes through the NICU will receive a blanket. Things to know about the NICU: Not all the babies that come there are preemies. Nathan was 8 pounds. The NICU takes babies from micro-preemie (think chunky Barbie doll sized) to babies 1 year old. Truly, ANY size you make will have a place to go. The smaller the afghan you make, the tinier the baby that it will go to. Those babies tend to be on more monitors - so fewer holes are best and lighter weight yarn for the tiniest of them. Any size will be appreciated. I always deliver the week after Thanksgiving, but can take your donation at any point during the year. I have extremely large rubbermaid containers I store them in. The first afghans will be delivered on Christmas Day by Santa. The remainder will be passed out over the year by the nurses and chaplain. For the babies that don't go home, they are wrapped in a blanket for their parents to hold them in while they pass and then the parents take home the blanket. If you feel compelled to make something for an older child, I can take that too. My mother makes hats for the older kids and they are just as needed. You can ask any questions here - and I also have a facebook group that you are welcome to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887/ You can use the link above or search for NICU Afghan. Thank you so much for thinking of the babies and their families. It means more to me than you know.
  2. Thank you to all who contributed this year! I just got back from delivering all the blessings to the hospital. The staff who took the donation were very appreciative. They could see many of the items, as this year I delivered in large bags- Jumbo Ziploc bags (they come up to my waist) - they thought everything they could see was lovely. They were so happy! Thank you for once again making this day possible for me. My son came for delivery this year - when I get home tonight, I"ll post a picture of him with the donation at the hospital. I'll be starting a new thread in January for the 2015 delivery, but if you have anything that you want to send ahead of the new post, feel free to send it.
  3. 29 hats an 1 afghan from Shawn 5 jackets and 1 hat from Jeanne 16 hats from my mom plus one of Jeanne's hats that didn't make it in the right picture
  4. Many pictures to share-... so many afghans and hats to bless the babies. It's a big year so far! Updated totals in the first thread. 30 from Pam 13 from Olga 11 from Melinda
  5. I have to apologize to Jeanne! She sent more than one jacket. The box arrived a while ago and I've been waiting to take pics. (took me far longer than it should have). I had taken one jacket out of the package to look at it more closely and had the others sitting in another spot. When I took the pile of things I had to photograph, I didn't grab all the jackets! I have them here to take pictures of. However, I just got back from the airport picking up my sister who is now visiting. 6 other lovely jackets to show you all.
  6. The 3 lovely, soft round blankets came from Tracey. The set of 5 ghans comes from Sandi - such sweet colors, and the lot of 7 ghans and 3 quilts comes from Carol! So pretty!
  7. These 4 owl afghans are from MaryJo- Seriously sweet stuff. 14 hats and 4 pair of booties! From Jeanne, there are 4 afghans, 1 jacket and 11 hats. I love the decorations on the hats!
  8. Jeanne - the jackets are wonderful! Please, I"d love more. How great that you'll be able to help a hospital near you too! Sandra - got your package will post pics of your box, Jeanne's and Mary Jo's this weekend,.
  9. Jeanne- those jackets are wonderful! I know the hospital can use them Will be getting a pic up in the thread this weekend.
  10. Meggie- when you are ready to ship items, send me a PM and I'll give you my address.
  11. When you are ready to send items, send me a PM and I'll give you my address.
  12. MaryJO- Hope you got my email when I got the package. Had computer troubles for a while at home and was unable to get pictures loaded. (computer being fixed- Comcast coming out etc). Pics up soon.
  13. Sandie- I accept afghans all year long. I deliver at the end of November. Anything received by Thanksgiving will go this year. Anything received after thanksgiving, will go in 2015. As long as Charisma is washable - it will be fine!
  14. Red Heart is a great durable yarn to use. If you think it's coming out too stiff, I've found using white vinegar in the rinse cycle when you wash it will soften it up alot.
  15. 30 hats from my mom! I took pictures of these in stages as she made them, so several pictures to share. Many monster hats - many animals, some footballs and lots of regular hats.
  16. Go to facebook and search for "NICU Afghans" - the group will come up and you need to send a request to join so I can add you.
  17. Package from Chrissy arrived today! 14 blankets and 18 hats in 2 clown car boxes! The colors on the blankets are so very cheerful - my camera doesn't really convey the colors. So pretty - and all the hats! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
  18. Lots of arrivals this week! 1st up, 9 afghans from Debbie (deedees). Various sizes and lovely patterns! 14 hats from Yesni - all the way in Singapore! 2 afghans from Jessica - so pretty! These are going to be such blessings for the babies!
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