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  1. You can send me items at any time. I have two huge rubbermaid containers that I store them in, in a closed shed. They are well protected. If you are able to wash items before mailing, that is helpful. Especially if you smoke or have pets. Also, washable yarns work best. thank you
  2. I come to you all, once again, to ask for help with a cause I hold close to my heart. My son was born in November of 2006, and Oakland Children's Hospital saved his life. He was in their NICU at 3 days old and spent 10 days there. The fear was unimaginable, unless you've been there yourself. What got me through, was the support from people that didn't even know us. Cards from local kids etc. It somehow gave me strength. This is my effort to repay the emotional debt I owe the hospital, and God, for saving my son. Every year, since 2007, I've been bringing our donation to the hospital the week after Thanksgiving. The hospital has Santa give out the first items on Christmas Day and the remainder are saved and distributed by the nurses or chaplain. Some are used to wrap a baby as they pass away in their parents arms. However, most babies are saved. The afghans are given to the babies that survive as well... or, if needed to a frightened sibling. In our 9 deliveries thus far, we've brought a total of 1,357 afghans! The NICU cares for aproximately 400 children a year. I'd love to be able to bring a donation so that every child for a year gets an afghan. I'm asking for donations of anything handmade... crochet, knit, sewn, crocheted edged fleece, etc. The NICU cares for babies of all sizes. From micro-preemie (think chunky Barbie doll sized) to a one year old baby. In our time there, most babies were full term - obviously with many preemies as well. Afghans can be in any size you feel like making. The smaller the size baby, the likelihood of more monitors and tubes, so less holes in those are best and more lightweight. Babies are up to a year old, so full size afghans work as well and any size in between. Also, ghans used to wrap a preemie who is passing away would need to be larger in order to wrap around them. You can also send me hats, booties, scratch mitts, jackets, burial gowns. Anything you can think of will find a baby who needs it and a family who will never forget your kindness. if you feel moved to make something for an older child, I can take that as well. The hospital cares for children up to 18 years of age. My mother makes hats for older kids and we take that at the same time as the NICU delivery. I also have a facebook group for the drive and you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/303209316470887/ Thank you for thinking of helping the babies. I can assure you that the parents of the children who receive a donation will never forget you.
  3. My mom and I will be delivering to the hospital today. I"ll be thinking of all of you and the kindness you've shown the babies. Thank you for all you do for them. I truly appreciate it. I"ll put up a new thread before the new year.
  4. Just looked through old NICU threads. Adding in this year's donation, the total afghans brought to the hospital since 2007 is 1357! thank you!
  5. 18 from my SIL, 5 from Cindy, 24 from Denise and her mom and 8 ghans, 6 hats and 13 jackets from Jeanne!
  6. more from this year 7 from my friends church group, 7 from me, 3 from yarnscrapper
  7. Thank you to everyone who donated this year. I wasn't able to do much - my father was under hospice care and passed away in July. Crochet, while normally something that relaxes me, just felt like too much to try to do. But, thanks to all of you, I will be bringing 63 afghans, 57 hats and 13 jackets to the hospital! I am so thankful for all of you and look forward to getting more crochet done in 2016!
  8. I've been absent from the Ville for quite some time. My father went on hospice care at the beginning of the year and we lost him this summer. I have barely picked up my hook this year at all. I'm still collecting donations and will deliver in a few weeks. If you can get items to me soon, it can go with this year's delivery.
  9. Katy - I responded to your PM, but will here too.. yes, any size you make will find a baby that will love it and baby weight yarn is fine! Thank you
  10. I've been getting requests from people on Facebook to join the page whose names I don't recognize. When that happens, I check their page and if it's set to private I send a message asking how they have heard about it. I don't usually hear back, but know those messages go to an "other" folder. If you are referring anyone to the facebook group, please make sure they respond to my message or I don't add them in order to avoid spam
  11. My go-to patterns are Aggie May's RR and crochet edged fleece. small holes are fine- but ones with lots of holes aren't going to work well for smaller babies. So, if you are in the mood to do a "holey" pattern, perhaps make it for an older child who may not be on as many monitors. My son was full term and not on any monitors after a day or so when he was there. It really depends on how sick the baby is. But truly, make what makes you happy and I promise you there will be a child for it.
  12. Absolutely! 15 inches will work well for a larger sized preemie! Thank you!
  13. Beautiful! I love corner to corner afghans (even if I do get impatient in the middle of making them!)
  14. Avon Lady - I've added a few people to the group in the last few days. See if you're there. I"m getting emails from FAcebook, but not here from Crochetville when anyone responds to this thread.
  15. Thank you both! Anyone know why I'm not getting email notifications when people apply? I've followed the topic.
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