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  1. So many beautiful afghans and hats from so many people! This year, I will bring 72 afghans, 42 baby hats, 43 kid hats and 1 scarf! pictures to follow
  2. Two more boxes arrived. One from Debbie, which I think may have arrived a bit ago - my kids get home before I do and they "Helped" and put the box where I keep them until I get them into the storage tub. Sorry not to notify you earlier Debbie! Beautiful hats and afghans to be treasured by the babies. Another box from Iowa, not sure of the first name of the sender. Thank you! Adorable monster hats for older kids and afghans and hats for the babies. I'll work on getting pictures up of the recent packages. Thank you so much!
  3. I tend to make mine slightly larger - that way they can be a bit more utilitarian...If I'm doing a RR, I try to do it about 30 inches at a minimum.. up to 36. I do alot of crocheted edged fleece for the hospital and get either 2 or 4 panels to a yard of fabric. They are small enough to fit in an isolette but big enough to cover a full term baby or wrap a preemie. However, I really just kind of make what I feel moved to make. I tend to believe that when it feels right, it's done.. and it must feel right because there is a baby that needs that exact size. There are no real accidents in these situations.
  4. MaryJo - 9x12 will work for the micro preemies or as a lovie for a bigger baby. Seriously, any size you make is going to find a baby. The micro preemies that I saw when my son was there were really just the size of a chunky Barbie Doll. When you make them small, just remember a lighter weight yarn. Smaller babies = thinner yarn. There are babies of all sizes... up to 1 year old - so 30 pounds for some. Anything you feel moved to make will find a baby that will love it.
  5. I haven't been on the ville in a while - and honestly haven't picked up my hook in a while. I lost my father almost a year ago and I'm still navigating my way through grief. However, I will be getting afghans done for the hospital and wanted to check in and let you all know how glad I am for your help. I don't seem to get emails to posts I follow, but I'll be checking in.
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