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  1. I Love That Pattern, It Looked So Easy, :c9Thank's For Sharing the Link:clap Dottie In Va
  2. Hi All I'm Looking For A Pattern By Graph or Otherwise For A Washington Redskins Helment for My Oldest Son Who Is A Die Hard Fan. He's Been After Me To Crochet Him Just the Helment Part So He Can Frame It, And I've Not Been Able to Locate Anything Like This. Any Help Would Be Really Appreciated.\ Thank's,Dottie In Va
  3. Hello All, I Am Looking For A Blog Site That I Printed A Pattern From Back On 2/3/06. The Blog Site's Name Was At The Time,bythehook.blogdrive.com Ran By A Nady Named Dot Matthews.I Cannot Find This Blog, As I've Tried Typing In The Web Site Address, And It Comes Up As Either Missing Or No Longer On Blogdrive. If Anyone Knows Dot Matthews, Or Can Direct Me To The Proper Site, I'd Really Appreciate It. I'm Crocheting A Poncho That Dot Had Out Back Then, Called Pleasing Pineapple Poncho,And Some Of The Words Weren't Printed, And I WantTo Bookmark Or Save The The CURRENT Site In My Favs.I"d Greatly Appreciate Any Help Possible. Thank's A Bunch Dottie McClung
  4. Redrose i Love The Color Combinations You've Done Here With the Shawl. :clapI Expecially Love The Pink & Purplish At the Top, And the Blue & Pink, :cheerAnd the Blue & White One. Beautiful Work Dottie In Va
  5. How Cute,Their Adorable. Thank's For The Pattern
  6. Thank's For Sharing, I Love The Afghan Dottie In Va
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