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  1. I voted for shawl, but would happily do any of the projects listed. It sounds like a super fun idea!
  2. Wow! Lots of great afghans. You all have been super busy!!! Shaylen - Welcome!
  3. I love that two-sided baby afghan. That's going to have to go in my to-do list. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Wow! Look at all of the pretty afghans! Great job everyone! I had a technology-free weekend. It's nice to come back to such crocheted gorgeousness!!
  5. I'm glad it worked for you!
  6. Thanks for the compliments, ladies! I can't wait for his sister to receive the afghan. She is going to be surprised.
  7. Thanks everyone! Deb - I didn't really use a pattern. It's in what I call a "quick stitch" for the body. It's sc, ch2 and two dc. Then, the same thing is put in the ch2 spaces from the previous row. The border is a modification of the border from Lion Brands "Bright Stripes Baby Afghan". http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90233B.html?noImages=
  8. It dependso n the type of cotton yarn used in the pattern. Most kitchen cotton is worsted weight already. However, the actual thickness of the yarn varies greatly by brand, color, etc. As the PP suggested, if it's something that size matters, a gauge swatch is needed. If it's a dishcloth or something like that it won't matter much unless the yarn is DK or thread (that's used in the pattern).
  9. I haven't actually made this, but the pattern appears correct by just eyeballing it. I have you tried and it hasn't worked? Or are you just reading and wondering if it's incorrect? If you've worked on it, can you post a picture?
  10. This is the pattern you're using, correct? http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/Accessories/LM0275%20Two-Tone%20Vest.htm The long row is referring to the longest row from the front of the garment. You'll want to do that from the wrong side of the piece. It appears that the left side of the front is worked, then you fasten off and work the back. So, pick the longest row, make sure it's the wrong side and skip 4 dc and attached your yarn. At least that's how I interpret the instructions. Keep in mind I haven't made it so I have no idea what your piece looks like right now. If you're still confused or if you think I'm incorrect, please post a picture of what you have so far. Seeing it will help a lot.
  11. I haven't made the pattern, but very well could help. I did a quick internet search and this is the first one that came up. http://www.******/crochet/traoftea.html Is that the pattern you're using? If so, what specifically are you having trouble following? If not and it's a free pattern, please post a link.
  12. I wonder if there's something wrong with the forum. Odd...I see them on my end.
  13. I love that so far! That's a fantastic color to work that pattern in methinks. That's going to look great once it's done. Love the colors!
  14. Thank you! Being an IU fan, I died a little inside each time I had to work on this one. LOL. The body is done in what I call "quick stitch". It's a sc, ch 2, two dc in one chain. Then, sc, ch2, two dc in the ch 2 space of the previous row. The border is a modification of the border from Lion Brand's "Bright Stipes Baby Afghan". It's one of my favs for when I'm working in more than one color.
  15. It's finally finished! Between foot surgery, Christmas and gallbladder surgery, I'd like to have never got this thing done. LOL This is for my boyfriend's newphew. He was born 1/24. I wanted to get it there before he was born, but oh well. The parents are big Florida Gators fans, hence the colors I chose. Thanks for looking! This is a picture of the body of the afghan - This is a close-up of the border -
  16. I finally got the afghan done for my boyfriend's nephew. His BIL is a huge Florida Gators fan so I went with the team colors. I've been working on this thing forever it seems. Foot surgery and gallbladder surgery got in the way of a timely finish. His nephew was born on 1/24 so it's only a tiny bit late. This is the body of the afghan - This is a close up of the border -
  17. I love those colors together. Great job!
  18. Welcome! I've had to put the baby afghan aside for some quick projects. I hope to get a lot of crocheting time in during the Star Wars marathon my boyfriend and I have planned for the weekend.
  19. That is a really cool afghan, Braxxi! I don't think I've ever seen that pattern before. Well done!
  20. That looks like a ton of fun! I'm going to have to give this a go. I'll just use stash yarn though. Thanks for posting. I wondered if Bernat was going to do another CAL this year. Since it's just a scarf, I might try the CAL and KAL this time. My KAL from the last time failed horribly. I couldn't keep up since I'm so slow at knitting.
  21. Thank you for continuing the CAL, Braxxi! I'm still working on the afghan for my boyfriend's nephew. He has been born now. So much for getting that to his sister before he was born. LOL Oh well, moving and gallbladder surgery put a damper on my crochet time. It's almost done thank goodness.
  22. If you click on the link (the title of the pattern at the top of the post is a hyperlink), it opens a webpage that has an "add to cart" button on the right-hand side.
  23. It seems to me the designer is pointing out that you should not work a DC into the ch 1 turning chain at the end of each row. It's confusing because unless we're increasing, we don't use the ch 1 anyway.
  24. Very pretty! I love those colors together!
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