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  1. Oooooohhhh! That's some nice looking yarn!!!
  2. Another great package! Thank you all for being such a great group of swappers!!
  3. Just a quick reminder for those who haven't shipped yet that the mailing deadline is this Friday (11/8/13)!!!
  4. I'd agree about overall board participation being down. I'm not here nearly as much any more, but that has more to do with life circumstances than the board format. You hit the nail on the head, methinks. Board participation is down due to social media. Forums don't seem to be doing as well with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, etc.
  5. All of swap participation has been way down this year. The ami swap is usually packed and it was pretty light, too. It makes me sad.
  6. Welcome magiccrochetfan! I have your survey so you no longer have an option. You're swapping!!
  7. Unless we get another swapper today, it looks like it's going to be a swap between the three of you.
  8. I'm surprised, too. In the past is has been fairly popular.
  9. Calling all swappers!! Come on....sign up, you know you want to!
  10. To swap or not to swap that is the question!
  11. The purple yarn is goregous! That yarn is going to make a fabulous shawl. Perfect package, kidge...perfect! I love it all very, very much!!
  12. Please forgive my tardiness for getting these pictures posted. Life has been crazy busy since we got back from our honeymoon. I love everything so much. I was shocked to see such a nice Red Wings bag as my tote!! There was also some trail mix included, but I ate that already. I cannot wait to make my Hazel shawl...now to find some free time!
  13. Smith isn't currently able to get on the forums. I'll send her an email and copy you. Thanks.
  14. Participants Karen C to magiccrochetfan kidge to sahm2g1b magiccrochetfan to Karen C sahm2g1b to kidge GREEN = Partner confirmed via email to hostess RED = Package shipped w/ DC# emailed to hostess PURPLE = Package received w/ thank you posted
  15. Please copy and paste the following survey into the body of an email (no attachments, please). Then email it to Nicole at nicole DOT perry1 AT hotmail DOT com 1. What is your full name and your Ville nickname? 2. Email address? 3. Mailing address? 4. Do you have any allergies? (Smoke, scents, food items, animals, etc.) 5. Do you or anyone in your home smoke? 6. What sort of yarn do you enjoy? (yarn weight, fibers) 7. Are there any yarns you prefer to NOT receive? 8. What are your favorite fall, winter and holiday colors? 9) Do you celebrate any fall or winter holidays? (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc) 10. Can you send to a foreign partner? 11. Have you participated in other Ville Swaps and if so, which ones? 12. Are you in any swaps at the present? 13. What other goodies do you enjoy? (chocolate, tea, coffee, candles, etc.) 14. Do you collect anything? 15. Have you read and agree to all the swap rules that are posted? 16. Anything else you would like your partner to know about you? 17. Is there anything else you want to swap hostess to know? This will be kept personal and confidential
  16. Harvest/Winter Yarn Swap Come one, come all and join us for the 2013 Winter Yarn Swap! We will be exchanging fall, winter and holiday yarn. If you're starting your holiday projects, this swap is for you! Please Note General Swap Guidelines: All swappers must read the swap guidelines and the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps and RAOKs. These guidelines apply to ALL swaps at Crochetville. Be sure you understand the guidelines and can follow them before signing up for this swap. This swap may contain additional guidelines and requirements as stated below. Contacting Your Swap Hostess I prefer to be contacted via email for all matters related to this swap. Please send emails to nicole DOT perry1 AT hotmail.com. Please be sure to enter Harvest/Winter Yarn Swap and your Crochetville user name in the subject line of your message. Items to Be Exchanged: Each package will be required to have fall, winter and holiday yarn your partner would enjoy. The yarn could be the popular leaf colors of fall, blue and silver of winter or even colors matching your partners favorite winter holiday. The minimum value before shipping costs is $25. Extras are allowed, but not required. Please remember that if you go above the minimum requirements, your partner may not. Other goodies (like tea, coffee, candy, thread, etc) are optional. Just remember if you send more than the minimum requirements, your partner might not. Important Dates: Sign-ups begin 9/16/13. Sign ups end 9/30/13 at 5pm EDT. Sign up time is short, don't delay! Partner will be assigned to you by 10/1/13 at 12:01 am EDT. Post-mark deadline is 11/08/13 How to Sign Up for the 2013 Harvest/Winter Yarn Swap: 1. Please submit a survey if you want to participate in this exchange. (See the second post in this thread for survey information.) Submit the survey via the method listed above for contacting your Swap Hostess (email).* Include the swap name and your username in the subject of the email.* I will send you a confirmation email when I receive your survey, and your name will be added to the list of exchangers posted below. Surveys can be submitted until 9/30/13 at 5pm EDT. 2. It is not required that you answer all the questions on the survey (except for full name, Crochetville user name, mailing address, and email address), but it is a good way for your partner to know your other preferences. 3. Swap partner assignments will be e-mailed to you by 10/1/13 at 12:01 am EDT. 4. Within one week of receiving your swap partner assignment, post in the swap thread to say you have received your partner. To make swap management easier, you should also contact your Swap Hostess to let her know you've received your partner via email at nicole DOT perry1 AT hotmail.com 5. If you have a problem with your partner or an item you receive, please DO NOT post complaints to the swap board. Please contact the Swap Hostess privately. 6. Since we are an international group, everyone is more than welcome to participate. That means that your swap partner may live across the world and packages may take longer to arrive and cost more to ship. Keep this in mind when mailing items. 7. Sending in a survey means that you have read the rules for this swap as well as the Swap Guidelines and the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps and agree to them. * Information for All Crochetville Swaps * While you are required to read and understand the entire Swap Guidelines and the Copyright/Trademark Guidelines for Swaps in order to participate in a swap, the following major points are reminders. * Eligibility: To participate in any Crochetville swap, you must be at least 18 years old and have achieved Villager membership level. For complete details, see Who is eligible to participate in a swap? * Swap Limit: You may participate in a maximum of two swaps at one time at Crochetville. For complete details, see How many swaps may I join at one time? * Any Swap Problems? Contact your Swap Hostess as soon as possible. For complete details, see Swap Problems. * To Avoid Receiving Negative Points and/or Revocation of Swap Privileges: For complete details about negative points, see What actions could cause me to receive negative points? For complete details about revocation of swap privileges, see What actions could cause me to have my swap privileges revoked? The items you send must meet at least the minimum requirements of the swap. Within one week of receiving your partner assignment/survey from your Swap Hostess, post in the swap thread saying that you have received your partner. Mail your swap package by the POSTMARK-BY deadline given in your swap. When mailing your swap package, get a delivery confirmation (DC) number or other proof of mailing AND, within one week of mailing, send your DC or other proof of mailing to your Swap Hostess. If you are unable to obtain proof of mailing, still contact your Swap Hostess to say you have mailed but could not get proof of mailing. Within one week of receiving your swap package from your swap partner, post a thank you to your partner in the swap thread. You are expected to respond promptly to swap-related messages (PM/Private Message or email) from your Swap Hostess or Crochetville Administrators. * Privacy Information: Your privacy is always very important to us at Crochetville. The information you submit for a swap is never used nor shared for any purpose other than the swap you are joining. The information you provide to your Swap Hostess on your swap survey is provided to your assigned swap partner(s). This information may also be provided to the Swap Coordinator and Crochetville Administrators (AmyS and Donna) for the purposes of swap coordination only. If necessary, and with your prior permission, survey information may also be provided to a Swap Angel sending an Angel Package (that is, a Crochetville member sending a replacement for a swap package not received). Your personal contact information (name, email address, mailing address) may also be used to obtain any specific items you have requested (gift certificate, digital
  17. Thank you, kidge for the wonderful kit package!!! I love everything so much. I'll get pics taken and added hopefully tonight.
  18. I received the Hazel Shawl pattern from Gourment Crochet that I've oogled forever from kidge. Thank you!! I love it. I'm so excited to get the rest of my package once I'm home from my honeymoon.
  19. Yep! The shipping deadline is 9/9. Please make sure to get everything in the mail by midnight on the 9th. It makes all of our lives a lot easier. I hope you all had fun even though it was a small group.
  20. idagammy's tote and extras have been shipped. Technically, it won't go out until tomorrow, but I did print the label and slap it on the package.
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