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  1. Since the slip stitch doesn't count as a stitch, you shouldn't be doing a sc in it (as Cro Julee said). The pattern is correct as written. I was simply trying to help you. I'm sorry if you took offense to what I said.
  2. Then the pattern appears correct. Try carefully following the pattern, make sure that when the pattern states (2 sc) starting in the second round that you do 1 sc in the next two stitches, not 2 in both. Make sense? That's also true for the round that states (3 sc)...that's 1 sc in the next 3 sc. Thanks!
  3. The slip stitch does not count as a stitch. Running the numbers through my head, the stitch count for round 4 and on is one high based on the instructions provided. I suggest contacting the designer if possible. Best of luck!
  4. Thank you! It's so soft and warm. It's going to be perfect for my "always freezing cold" step mom.
  5. Thanks everyone! It was the best thing. I was just mad last night. I'm good today.
  6. Thanks, Joanne. :hu You're right about hockey. I might just grab the skates and go to the rink tomorrow. Skating for awhile will help release some frustration for sure.
  7. Here's my flannelghan all sewed together. I still have to do the border, but I finished the strips and sewing tonight. I broke up with my boyfriend tonight so I'm putting it away. I have an overwhelming desire to throw things. I refuse to take it out on my yarn!
  8. Argh! Well, I would have finished all the strips tonight if I hadn't flubbed up one of them. I did the first rectangle in that strip in solid black instead of variegated black and pink. I did the same dog gone thing when I made the last one of these. Of course, I couldn't have caught it until I was starting to sew the thing on there. Grr... The strips with a solid rectangle first, are solid pink. So I couldn't just switch out strips. Ah well! It's fixed now. For my own sanity, I put it away for the night. I'll work on it some more tomorrow. It WILL go better after I sleep.
  9. I sewed the third strip together last night. I should at least get the fourth done tonight. If I'm abitious (rather, if I can't sleep), I might get the fifth done. I love how quick this is going.
  10. That is really pretty, Lisa! I'm using a softer pink. I just got done whip stitching the first two strips together. I'm taking a break, but might make the third strip tonight.
  11. I started one of these yesterday with ILTY in pink and black. I'm using a 10 MM hook (Susan Bates 'N'). It's so soft and cozy. Love it so far! It's actually a Christmas gift for my step mom. I have decided I will work all year on Christmas gifts. I will do it this year!
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