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    Married, no children, just cats
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    Started about 1966. was taught by my friends mother.
  1. These are all very nice. Do you sell the patterns?
  2. Beautiful work. Also, I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. Hope lots of money is made from the raffle.
  3. I've seen this pattern. I hope your son likes it and thank him for his service. Thanks to all his family and prayers to you all.
  4. Where in Illinois. I live in Lynwood now but was down in central Illinois for about 20 years after I got out of the Air Force.
  5. Hi everyone. I am married and live in Lynwood, IL. which is about 25 miles south of Chicago. I was born and raised here in Chicago suburbs and left when I was 25 to join the Air Force. While stationed at Chanute AFB about 100 miles south of home I met and fell in love with my wonderful husband Frank. Although the years in numbers between our ages are many we have so many likes and interests together, in mind the years are few. I have been crocheting on and off for about 42 years. I have just started taking it seriously. By that I mean actually finishing projects I start. I am however very new to the internet and chating. I hope to make new friends here and get lots of help not only with projects but posting. Thanks for the warm welcome and hope to meet some soon.
  6. I have a neice getting married in November and when I got my copy of Crochet World this Month this afghan was the first project I wanted to start. You must work very quickly but your work is beautiful. Thanks for showing it off.
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