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    crocheting, scrapbooking, cross-stitching, anything with crafts!
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    Full-time college student and part-time Debit Card Coordinator at a bank
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    afghans, scarfs, mittens, pillows, and socks
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    I have been crocheting since 2005!
  1. I just realized, I am the only one who knows I am from Wisconsin and that makes "utterly" funny (otherwise most of you probably thought I was pretty silly!).
  2. I loved the scratch off ticket idea! My family is addicted to them (in a healthy manner of course). We always play bingo at family gatherings and the prizes are always envelopes with scratch off tickets:) I am going to steal the scratch off ticket idea for my wedding! Wouldn't it be awesome if someone won a bunch of money?
  3. Hello from Wisconsin! You are SO lucky to be away from all the snow we are getting up here!
  4. Welcome from Wisconsin! I am with you on the yarn stash (as I am sure many of us are!)
  5. b1jah2

    Set of mats

    Very thoughtful of you! And they turned out great:)
  6. I am 100% wool and all about hard-core CROCHETING!!!
  7. Ok, so I definitely will not have enough time to finish the 10 for the Packers......so I am going with the one rule.......but I made three! It's been quite a weird week for me, but I am ready to rock and roll this week!
  8. Guess what! I got THREE squares done (so you have three on the way instead of just one!!). I also sent Katie a Tequila Sunrise candle. I hope she enjoys it:)
  9. Hey Angelfire, I will be making 4 squares right along with you! Go Pack!!!!
  10. Hey everyone -- I just PM's MPmuskie to join!!!! I will be cheering for the GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!!! First game is tomorrow, yipee!!! I see there are a lot of Pack fans out there......we should plan a get together for one of the games!!!! Anyways, I have my hook ready! I will be making 12" squares, but I do not know who to donate them too, suggestions?
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