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    I like making stuffed animals and other small items the best.
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  1. ErinysCrochet

    Cosmo Flower

    I love these. Very neat work.
  2. Ahaha I love it. Some of my favorite video games when I was a kid. So when are you going to make Tails? XD
  3. ErinysCrochet

    Guinea pig

    Had some pink yarn sitting around and had to make something out of it. I didn't use a pattern, he doesn't need one.. he's mostly just an egg! Though I'm proud this is my first thing made not from a pattern.
  4. I definitely wouldn't think it was rubbish. I love it. Did you make up the pattern yourself?
  5. I just recently made a handle for two of my hooks. I've never worked with polymer clay at all before so obviously these weren't made for art's sake XD. The first time I tried it didn't work--I managed to buy clay that was hard as a rock and wouldn't soften no matter what I did. The brand I used and worked fine is Sculpey III brand clay. Put me back $1.99 at Michaels. Go ahead and give the clay a little squeeze in the store to make sure you'll be able to condition it. I marked the handle at the end with a pin so I'd remember the size.
  6. I'm a relatively new crocheter. I taught myself by watching you tube videos. I started back in Oct. 2008 to help me deal with an incredibly boring call center job. I've since quit the job, but now I crochet on my own time! So far I like smaller projects although I do make random granny squares that will eventually be made into an afghan. This is a great site! I read it all the time. My favorite yarn for simple projects is that I Love This Yarn though I much prefer cotton or animal fiber (if only I could afford it for everything!). Also I love bamboo yarn even though it's like trying to crochet with dryer lint.
  7. I was looking for something to warm up my (sometimes aching) wrist while on the computer, and found this pattern: http://crochetme.com/patterns/basic-fingerless-mittens. I used some Caron Simply Soft and a H hook. I only made one for now It's already looking ratty.... I wear it all the time!
  8. How strange! I just made pretty much the same bookmark. This is Aunt Lydia's size 10 thread, and a 1.5mm hook. The same pattern as you used.
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