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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I'm assuming that you made all those blocks, and then crocheted them together somehow. If so, I truly admire your persistence! I usually make my baby blankets all one color because I don't like to weave in ends, but have recently made two where I changed colors every 4 rows or so and just LOVE the way they turned out. That may be my new way of creating blankets for awhile...but I don't think I would EVER make individual squares that had to be put together. You did a WONDERFUL job...you must be a very patient person!!!
  2. For several years, I have been making and donating both newborn and preemie size hats to a local hospital here in central Texas. The nurses have said that it really doesn't matter what "size" the hats are...babies come in ALL sizes and the hats will fit a baby. Don't worry so much about the actual size...just enjoy thinking of warming those tiny little heads. (Just for information sake, the NICU always seems to have a good supply of the small preemie hats, but not enough of the full-term baby size so I've been focusing on those for awhile.) As for colors...I usually purchase the Baby Bee yarns at Hobby Lobby and absolutely love them. The colors are very diverse; you can find pastels, bright neons and multi-colored. I don't always just make pink, blue, yellow, green and white, nor do I always use yarn that is specifically "boy" or "girl" themed. I have used both the pink and green camo, the "crayola colors" (bright orange, lime green, etc.), pastels and a lot of multi-colored. (I think the bright neon colors really help brighten up the nursery, and the nurses always "ooh" and "aah" over those colors.) My advise is to just do your best, use whatever colors you want to use, and SOMEONE will LOVE THEM! And remember to have fun! BTW...your hats are VERY CUTE, and some LUCKY baby will look adorable!
  3. I crochet baby hats, washcloths, and blankets for a local hospital's nursery. The nurses absolutely LOVE all the items I send their way, and say that the new moms are very appreciative. Making the small items brings me instant gratification, and the glowing feedback keeps me motivated!
  4. I'm tootin' right along with ya! Those are 2 CUTE!
  5. I would suggest finding some sturdy cardboard boxes and some pretty fabric that would completely hide the boxes, turning them upside down on your table and using that for taking up "air space." I also think that a mirror would be a good addition, so that ladies could try on the beautiful hats and scarves that you have created. Good luck on your shows...hope you "sell out."
  6. Please enter me for a chance to win! I'd love to get this yarn to help me make chemo hats for a cancer center here in town. Can't wait to see who wins...and thanks for the generosity!
  7. I use a strand of the fun fur and a strand of Hobby Lobby's ILTY and make scarves on a rectangular loom. It takes one skein of the fun fur...when the fun fur runs out...so do I! They make really cute scarves and don't take a lot of time. I tried crocheting with the fun fur, but get lost quite easily...the loom seems to work better for me. Anyway, whatever you do with it remember to HAVE FUN!
  8. I make baby hats for the NICU and the well-baby nursery at a local hospital. The NICU doesn't use as many as the nursery (the nursery tells me they average about 250 babies per month!). Being just one person, I could never begin to supply that many hats, but apparently they are very "selective" with whom they give them out to...mostly young moms who apparently would not have much for their babies receive them first. I try to take 10-15 hats per week to them. I do know that the NICU could use berevement blankets and burial gowns as well, so that might be something that your group could think about doing. I would suggest checking with a local hospital to see what their needs might be. I personally enjoy doing the baby hats because they can be done so quickly and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment. I also donate scarves to the Advocacy Center here in town that are given to abuse victims and periodically I will make hats to donate to a homeless shelter, but the baby hats are the main priority. Good luck with forming your group. I know that your members will get a wonderful sense of fulfillment when they see all their good work going to someone who really needs it.
  9. Are hats acceptable as well? I just finished up a varigated black/gray one, skull-cap style, and would be happy to send it your way. Just send me your address and I'll drop it in the mail this weekend.
  10. Beautiful color combination! Is the pattern fairly simple? And how do you weave in your ends so nicely? I have heard of "carrying" the yarn from one color to another, but have never tried it. I tend to stick with one-color afghans, both solid colors and varigated, so that I don't have to change colors. But when I see something like this one that you have done, it makes me want to try something a little more colorful. Thanks so much for sharing your work; you are going to make both baby and mom quite happy!
  11. How beautiful! And what lucky babies! They will certainly be all warm and snuggly this winter.
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