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  1. WOW!! That is really elegant! I lurve the colour! Great job. Cheers, ~k
  2. That is really cute! Great job Another pattern to add to my WIM
  3. Wow!! That is unusual...I really like it! Great work
  4. That is neat! Good job on making a mistake into a work of art
  5. Wow! That is very nice... great idea with the tubing for handles... this could open up all kinds of possibilities ~k
  6. Oh! That is really cute! Thanks for sharing ~k
  7. Here are my wishes... (previously loved is definitely fine!) 1) Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg 2) More Big Girl Knits, by Jillian Moreno & Amy R. Singer 3) Knit a Fantasy Story, by Jan Messent 4) Furoshiki cloths, examples shown here I like most of the patterns and am up for a surprise 5) 18" Springfield / Our Generation / American Girl doll(s) 6) Sock yarn such as Paton's Kroy or this new Stretch Socks - any colour I'm going to learn to knit socks someday soon. Really. 7) FA Hook from Jimbo 8) Gauge & Hook finder or something similar more info here, called "Knit Check"
  8. When I finally succeeded in teaching myself to knit a few years ago, it was because I had seen a video showing continental style, and suddenly everything made sense! I was similar enough to crochet for me, that I understood how to actually do the motions and make the fabrics I wanted. I'm glad I finally learned as I just couldn't get it to work trying the "throwing" method. Cheers! ~k
  9. Very pretty! Good job ~k
  10. I might like to test for you, but I was wondering what size is the finished bag? Thanks! ~k ETA: I PM'd you as well (and erased some questions that you had answered in the first post but I read it too quickly!)
  11. oooh! That is very chic! Great job If you need another tester, I might be intereted too Thanks! ~k
  12. Very nice! Another one to add to my (very long) WIM list! ~k
  13. That is a really nice bag!! I, too, would be interested in the pattern... if you need a tester, I'd gladly volunteer! Cheers, ~k
  14. I finally received my package last night! No thanks to the Post Office, they somehow missed putting the "package notice" in my box Anywho, thank you leaette for the wonderful swap package!! The internet is still down at our house, so I can't post pictures yet, but here's what I can remember from the package: 1) A gorgeous 'tweedy' green (alpaca and wool) purse, plus the remnants so that I could make an accessory if I want to! Excellent idea, thanks! 2) Various vintage pattern leaflets, mostly for thread 3) Various ribbons and lace for my card-making 4) Various other doo-dads for card-making and decorating 5) Blueberry-vanilla tea 6) A skein of red-white-blue cotton yarn I'm sure I'm forgetting something... I'll edit this post tonight if I can, to update and hopefully add pictures. Thanks again Robin!! I loved my package, you did phenomenal for your first swap Cheers! ~k
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