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  1. I decreased it 3 times at the dips and then just die the same as the hexagon on the tops (2 chain) It sort of puckers if you dont push it out properly. Saying that I dont think that matters. The first two boarders I only decreased 2 so that could be the reason *shrugs* if its not that I dont really know why. Thanks for the comments I know she is going to love it she loves bright colours.
  2. Thanks everyone. I dont actaully like the boarder. I dont think I choose the right colours. But I know she wont mind. She loves all colours. So happy to be posting it off today woohooo
  3. I have finally finished my friends baby blanket which I have done Attic 24's hexagon afghan. I posted a few months ago it at about half way. so now I have finally done it today so I thought I would post for you all to see. There are 20 colours in the blanket which was a lot of hard work. But it is ifinished finally so here you go
  4. Thanks everyone I love it, it looks so much better in real life. There are a lot of ends but like pp have said it all part of the blanket process and I just keep looking at it and see how much she is going to love and it oh well. I will get it all done. Thanks again I really am enjoying this now.
  5. I am making a girlfriend a blanket for her new baby (she is 33 weeks pregnant) She actually lost her last baby he was still born. So I wanted to make her somethign special. So I decided to make her a hexagon from Attic 24 cause I love her work so much. so here is my version of it. I have 20 colours in it (a few to many if you ask me) but I am so inlove with it. it is going to be so hard to give it away. Im not quite half way through and Im going to do a boarder around mine when it is finished.
  6. Hi Roxan the blanket is just 150 dc (treble for me in Oz) and did the blanket a little smaller then I wanted it so I could do the border. then the border is just run right around and joined. The train is an Annies Attic when they gave a free one each day. I did a search on their website and couldnt find it *sorry*. Hope that helps Thanks everyone else for the kind coments I do appreciate it.
  7. Thanks everyone for the nice coments he came home and told daddy I got a new blanket... which I think is so cute. Hes only 3 and so excited about a new blanket.
  8. I have just finished my sons blanket/afghan for when he has a sleep at school (daycare). He has a thing for thomas so I added a train and he calls it thomas lol. this is such an easy peasy pattern for the blanket i had it done in just over a week (with 3 kids running around all under 4 that huge for me ) Anyway I love seeing everyone elses projects so here is mine. PS sorry about the floor being dirty
  9. Im actually making the same thing for a bubba but it isnt a beautiful as yours. Actic 24 is the best blog out there love love love it. Cant wait to see pic of it done. Adn I will post mine when it is finished too.
  10. pinktulip


    That is beautiful. What sad people to tease you for you work. I bet they are only jelouse. You keep up creating and just remember us when you have a hundres crochet books out hehehehe. Oh I agree put your stuff on etsy I would buy in a heartbeat.
  11. I have just saved this pattern it looks beautiful and I cant wait to try and make it in the future. Heart your skirt is just stunning with the white lining and white ribbon.
  12. I just had a friend email this story and I love it and thought I would share it. *mods I hope this is in the right spot *sorry* if it isnt*...... THE SHOEBOX A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little Old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had Cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about. For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but One day the littl
  13. Thanks everyone for your help but I did it ..... Yippee *jumps for joy*. Crochetbydiana Cheri email me a pic of the first row and I work out where I was going wrong. It was as simple as one slip stitch in the wrong place. Proves to me that I need to get more practice in reading patterns. But thanks to everyone for your help. when I have finished it (still have to do 1 'large' wing to do) I will post a pic.
  14. I do have paypal and I have just had someone pm me about it. Hopefully they have paypal cause I dont know if there is another way to do it *shrugs* but oh well I cant believe that ppl are so nice to do this for me. Thanks to my angel out there. Angie
  15. Katie G great idea I went and had a look but they dont have the pattern that I really want. But oh well. Sorry almoreland what is the wishing well folder. If it is ment to be it will be.....
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