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    just about anything.
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  1. Some finished projects: Baby boots & 3DS cozies
  2. New post : Halloween and a very special scarf..
  3. Haven't blogged in a while.. started new with a crochet blog instead of having it all together. Glad to be back to it though. http://skylaydesigns.blogspot.com/
  4. An update before I begin my move! crafts & moving
  5. Some new finished projects on my newest blog post.
  6. Finished projects for the past two weeks. Updated today.
  7. An update! All of my finished projects from the past few weeks in my blog post.
  8. wish i could find more time to update the blog more... here is one about the finished projects of the past week.
  9. I actually did .. twice today. http://ash-lei.blogspot.com/
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