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  1. I made some crocheted slippers in hopes of weraing them at the hospital when I have my babe in a few weeks. Unfortunately, they KILL my feet. The texture I guess. Maybe after the pregnancy they'll be fine, after the swelling goes away, but I'm so disappointed that I can't use them in the hospital like I intended. I've considered lining them in felt, but am not crazy about the idea. Any other ideas?
  2. I don't think I can stand to give it to him. I hate it. I burst out in tears every time I look at it (I've mentioned I'm pregnant, right?)
  3. Well, it's ruined. It's now starting to felt and looks just horrible. I'm giving up. Going to dry it and mourn it's loss. I AM SO ******. This stupid blanket was supposed to be a special thing I gave to DS and was planning on adding onto as he grew...
  4. I am sick. I crocheted DS a giant granny blanket as a gift for when I go into labor with his little sister. Somethign he could cuddle while mama's away. I used Cascade 220 Superwash in lots of colors. Wash according to instructions and it looks HORRIBLE. The red bled all over the other colors. It looks dirty and gross and pink. So. I've tried multiple washings. I've tried the dharma trading version of synthrapol (special detergent that's suppposed to release excess dye). It in the wash with both the synthrapol knock-off AND an entire box of color catcher sheets ri
  5. Thanks I should have mentioned that every row is a different color
  6. So I recently made a giant granny square blanket (just one super granny squares, not blocks sewn together). Is there a trick to weaving in ends in something like that? The seem to want to poke out...
  7. These bags are amazing for carrying around her project (even around the house) http://www.yarn.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/product.detail/_/Saraye-Sophon-Medium-Shoulder-Bag/productID/b882f34f-20d9-4c8e-aa04-e1836a2070d7/categoryID/5f6b228d-c114-4f76-bde7-f9b1336853b1/ You could get one of those, an amazing ball of yarn (this one is insanely popular and coveted http://www.yarn.com/product/webs-knitting-yarn-malabrigo-worsted/ choose a color she likes, 1 ball would be enough for a scarf or a hat or fingerless mittens) and this book http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Answer-Book-Solutions-Questi
  8. Thanks I have a ripple without holes that is too stinkin' hot to sleep under, so hopefully the holes will be the solution for this yarn (I'm using the leftover yarn from my ripple for this granny). She said she wanted a blanket just like mine, but there's no way I could bust out a ripple in 3 weeks. (we draw names and I didn't know I was getting her until now) This granny square one is goign really fast, but I imagine it'll slow down once the square gets larger.
  9. I'm making a granny square blanket for my mom for Christmas. She's very practical and I know her reaction will be something about the fact that it's so holey, how can it be warm. So.....?
  10. I'm working on my first granny square and am confused by how to join the new color for the new round. I can join color by picking up the yarn and finishing a stitch with it, but how do you join a new yarn in a chain1 space?
  11. Would a thread bear pattern done in worsted weight be rediculously huge?
  12. I always get confused when I'm working in the round in single crochet. I joined in the turning chain and the first stitch goes into the first stitch of the next round, right? Not into the turning chain?
  13. So my firends are adopting a baby. They are expecting a newborn, but you never know, right? I want to make them some little pants. Should I make the 3-6 mo size or 6-12 mo?
  14. A bath mat! There's a pattern in One Skein; 30 quick projects to crochet and knit that I love, but any stitch pattern would work.
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