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  1. Shlee

    Cowboy colors?

    But the Dallas Cowboys are a bit fitting lol! I went with getting a tan color for background and brown for the silhouette. I was so unhappy with my first choice I went back to the store when I was on my way home to select the new colors. Talk about picky! Thanks everyone!!:dragonfly
  2. Single crochet it is then, until I learn how to do the other methods. Alchemyfyr the race car graphghan is very beautiful!
  3. I have a graph pattern that I'm going to be doing as my next project and I'm not too sure what stitch to do. It says that it is for single crochet, tapestry or tunisian/afghan method... I was planning on just going with double crochet, but I'm worried that the graphic in the middle of the afghan will turn out distorted because of doing a different stitch. Anyways.. My question is do I need to do single crochet or can I do double crochet? I don't know how to do the other stitch methods, so it'll have to be one of the two. Thanks for being so helpful Crochetville!:dragonfly
  4. I always say skEEn, it really bothers my boyfriend when I say it that way too. o.0
  5. Shlee

    Cowboy colors?

    Thank you so much for your input guys! I've decided to use Caron one pounders so I've been thinking of the suggestions and looking through the colors. So far Espresso and Taupe are looking like what I will work with. I like the gold idea and making it look like he's riding into the sunset, but gold and brown colors I've found don't go very well together, at least not to me.. Do you guys think I should put a border around it as well?:dragonfly
  6. Shlee

    Cowboy colors?

    What are cowboy colors? I bought a cowboy rodeo pattern and plan on making it for a friend who is a total cowboy but I'm not sure what colors to do it in. I need two colors. Its a silhouette of a man on a rodeo horse, and I'm thinking he can just be all the same color and then the background will be a different color. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19830776 There's a link to the pattern. Thanks everyone!:dragonfly
  7. Sure, if that's what you want to call it. It keeps it clean, and it's a thing to store it in if you don't have a gun bag. My grandfather has a lot of rifles, not all of them have gun bags for him to store them in, so they sit out in places with no protection.
  8. That's a great idea, I'm sure they would appreciate it too! If it's a success I'll probably end up making them for all the hunters I know hehe. I was thinking of going with grey, but camo is a really good idea. The gun cozy would keep it clean, dust is awful for guns. And what better than something he loves being wrapped with something made with love!
  9. Next time I'm at his house I'll have to get measurements & try that. Thanks Chrissy
  10. Thank you Toni! That would be wonderful
  11. My favorite Aunt lives in that area
  12. Hi Shortstuff I will let you know as soon as I find one!
  13. I hope this doesn't bother anyone... but I'm looking for an idea or a pattern to make a gun sock for one or a few of my Grandfathers rifles for Father's day. Thanks guys!
  14. Hehe, so glad to know I'm not lonely in the state! I forgot to mention I'm from Vashon
  15. I do over handed, I never understood holding it like a pencil because I hold my pencils differently than some people do.
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