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    I am 43, left handed, have a 25 year old son and a 24 year old daughter.
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    Essex Junction, Vermont
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing, Reading, Other Crafts, Some Gardening
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    Personal Care Assistant
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    Usually faster projects! :) I like all kinds of things though.
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    at least since 1982
  1. I've got two scarves done that I will be mailing out ASAP. Thank you for doing this for people! Julia
  2. I love it! I will definitely have to try it once I get done the magic ball one I am doing now with your other pattern! Thank you so much for coming up with this and sharing it! Julia
  3. I love it! You have such a talent for coming up with these masterpieces! I love all your patterns and you are so awesome for sharing them with everyone! Thank You! Julia
  4. I'll be 44 in November and I have been crocheting since I was 16. It has been such a wonderful part of my life and I know it will be for you too!
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