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  1. The little monkey is due Feb. 24th.....so he has a way to go yet. I'll keep that in mind when I do the sleeves, I don't care for 3/4 lenght very much! I did add 4 rows to the body, it seemed too short to me, and am finishing the ruffle now, we'll see if I keep or frog the addition!
  2. Thank you..... I ended up emailing Donnalynn and Karen and have it all figured out.... I think I just needed to spend some time away from it as it was getting frustrating. That and I swear this pregnancy is just making me brainless!!! They put me on bed rest for a few days, and actually I've got the body finished and am working on the sleeves......cant wait to finish it now!
  3. I've been lurking and watching what everyone has been doing and decided to join in...........better late than never I guess.... However, row 6 has me totally frustrated! I've frogged this thing twice so far. There are just not enough v's to make every v and leaf pattern between the corner sts (I am making the small size---my incentive to loose the baby fat after Jr. is born). Can someone tell me in simple terms what I am doing wrong?? I have never had this much in the way of problems with a pattern. Thank you!!!!
  4. Paulette, I'm so glad you liked them.....I was worried about the one I made from that vogue pattern.....I made it with that bright green and I wasn't too sure you would like it.....They were fun to make! Enjoy!!
  5. Paulette..... Your scarf will be in the mail Thursday am.....I'm soooo sorry. I have been working and taking classes for work and lost track of the time. It's ready, but Thursday is the next day I have off when the post office is open. I hope you will like what I did. It was lots of fun to make and my neighbor is now after me to make one for her. Once again...SORRY!! Kathi
  6. As always, your work is incredible...I love it!!
  7. Very nice! I may have to join everyone making those!!
  8. Dazy, Thank you sooooo much for the scarves! I love the curly one and the flower one is adorable.........very cute for a day out with the girls!! Going to have to copy the flower one.....before my daughter steals the one you made me.... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Love your site and your patterns.........awsome work!!
  10. Isn't it gorgeous??? Got it on my to-do list......
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