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  1. Thanks to everyone who left such nice comments about my bookmarks Has for where I get my bookmark patterns...in magazines & books that I've collected for over 20 years and on the internet. Just Google crocheted bookmark patterns...there are a load of sites with patterns. I've found several nice ones on here also. Sue
  2. Does anyone know what size thread American Thread Co The Famous Purtian Star-Spangled Crochet Cotten is? I'm thinking #10...but I'm not sure. I picked up a bag of various size thread from a flea market and I'm trying to organize my thread bucket. Thanks, Sue
  3. I'm glad everyone is enjoying my work. I love looking at everyone else's also. A great way to get inspired!!! Sue
  4. I posted my teapot bookmark on my blog. http://scrapsfrommyneedle.blogspot.com/ Let me know if anyone has problems. Sue
  5. Thanks Heart...I love to crochet bookmarks....they are my favorite things. I like to finder whimsical ones especially.
  6. I just uploaded some pics of bookmarks I've made recently. They're on my blog. http://scrapsfrommyneedle.blogspot.com/2009/05/granny-square-bookmark.html Sues423
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