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  1. KnitPicks Comfy a cotton/acrylic blend is very soft. $2.99/skein/ball Some of the colors may be less as there is a sale in progress. $50 or more and you get free shipping. I think Pam's Comfort Cables afghan was made with Comfy. I just bought the pattern. Comfy and Shine are the yarn choices. Shine is a silky soft blend of cotton and rayon(?I think). I like them both though lean towards Comfy a tad more.
  2. Welcome from Harnett county. Diana
  3. Thanks for sharing the B details. It's kinda cool knowing that background. If I keep the B in it, I'll say it stands for Bendy the designer. bwg I had to take a second look cause I totally missed the roses. I like it even better. Hubby said wow and that must have taken a long time, to the elephant ghan.
  4. Congratulations! Another I got to have this one too. smile The branch and leaves ghan have my interest perked. Curious...What's the big B stand for Bendy?
  5. I have played around with the stitches in Knit 1 Purl 2 using my double ended hook, also used for Tunisian. I incorporated the crochet knit/purl instructions in a baby sweater recently. Loved the new look-> stretchy,closed fabric. There is one more technique you may want to pursue once you gain Tunisian experience. Double hook crochet. specifically, Crochenit.
  6. Hannah, Just wanted to mention to check DROPS design. I noticed alot of granny square incorporated designs there. Didn't look at your links as PC gets slower with photo displays.
  7. Thank you. No it's slightly modified by me but my brain hasn't been too cooperative for me to design anything lately. The pattern is from Ravelry. "Fast and Easy Crocheted Summer Hat with Brim" or http://pippacrochet.blogspot.com/2007/04/fast-easy-summer-crocheted-hat-with.html
  8. Made with Peaches n Creme cotton and used weedeater cord around the brim so it wouldn't flop.
  9. I was recently dreaming about a river cruise on the Henrietta in Wilmington. All NC crocheters aboard. Buffet meal. Gently moving along the Cape Fear River. ahhhhh
  10. My mom taught me the beginning steps of crochet and knitting. Eye doctor said I needed eye exercises to strengthen the muscles to keep from crossing. I was 9. I didn't like patterns back then because I liked doing what is now called freeform. I still prefer making something my way vs patterns. smile Diana
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