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  1. Maybe I wasn't clear, my question isn't on the edging but on the underarm gussets. To me it seems that I wouldn't include the 2 B squares in the sleeve rectangle, but basically that is my question. Thanks!
  2. If anyone happens to come along this thread, since its been about a year, I have a question on the underarm shaping... The pattern says to start at the bottom right of the sleeve rectangle, does this mean the rectangle made of the 4 A squares, not adding an edge to the 2 B squares at the end of the sleeve? Or do I start at the very bottom of the sleeve which would be at the B squares that create the bell? Thanks!
  3. I've tried the homespun pattern using a different bulky yarn and they came out way too small for the toddler size. I've decided I will try again after Christmas and owe them to my nieces since I won't get them done in time!
  4. Hi, welcome! I'm from winthrop, ma (logan area) and go to school at BU med! Where are you from?
  5. I know I've seen a free pattern online too! I just searched where I thought it could be but didn't find it. It's going to drive me nuts now if someone doesn't know where the one online is!
  6. Go through CPC's glove/mitten section. I know there is a pattern there for these, though I'm heading out the door to work so I can't go look for it now. Hope you find it ok!
  7. I'll be on the look out Diane! craftimama - I will be sending your November square out tomorrow! Hope you enjoy. Ooops, I just checked the color chart and I made your square in December colors instead of November, hope you dont mind! Thanks everyone this was a fun swap!
  8. It says I dont have permission to view your pics! I wanna see!
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a pattern for winter gloves for a 5 year old. I've searched the net and all I can find are mitten patterns! Any suggestions?
  10. I'm in Winthrop, just slightly north of Boston. I think we even have signs in town that say "Where the north shore begins"! Welcome!
  11. kahud48, your October square will be sent out on Monday! Hope you like it.
  12. apparently f u g has now become a bad word and we are no longer allowed to use it on this forum. seems a bit silly to me.
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