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  1. Welcome from oil country (Midland/Odessa)!
  2. I'm working on making preemie items for the 3 hospitals in my area. If you'd like to help, they are in need of preemie hats, booties, blankets, bibs, etc. Leave a message in this thread and I'll PM you with the shipping address. Thanks so much for ya'll's help!
  3. absolutely gorgeous! great job!
  4. Great job! I haven't ventured into baby wearables yet, but hopefully sometime soon!
  5. those are gorgeous! I especially love the blanket, great job!
  6. that's just too durn cute! I might have to make one for my SO's expectant sister!
  7. Neither for me, I pronounce it sk-ay-n with a long "a" sound
  8. before opening a little booth in a new store, I just dabbled here and there, making cute little critters for everyone... since opening the store however...... well, pretty much all I do is sleep, eat, and crochet now
  9. I have to agree on the Bernat Baby Coordinates, I can't STAND working with it, much less frogging it...
  10. I pretty much live on Crochet Pattern Central
  11. That is too genius! My boyfriend is begging me for one now! I'll have to whip him one up and show ya what he looks like with a shark chewin on his head lol
  12. Thanks cissy! I plan on having more free patterns up soon, so keep an eye out
  13. Here's mine! http://www.latenighthooker.com
  14. Thanks for all the wonderful comments guys and gals!
  15. I've had this same problem with a few of the packages of eyes I got from Hobby Lobby. And when I finally do get them on, they click twice instead of once, causing them to be too tight and stretching the stiches out for some reason, the smaller eyes don't give me any trouble, just the larger ones... Guess I'll have to break down and spend a little extra money on good eyes.
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