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  1. awesome...I can definitely do that then! LOL Can you PM the address you want the finshed scarves sent to? Thanks! I'm so excited now
  2. I'm in SoCal but volunteered briefly at a halfway house for women when I lived in OK so I would love to help & I'll see if I can get at least 2 scarves done for you. What is the deadline again?
  3. Okay...I guess I'll just let the knitters handle it...hopefully they're getting some for their vets. Thanks for trying to help
  4. NO, that is why I'm asking all these questions...now I just feel dumb, thanks
  5. I found a bit of helpful info also at http://amputeehee.blogspot.com/2006/03/cozy.html one quote reads: I don't knit, but I crochet. Start knitting or crocheting like you are going to make a hat, then add your increases in the rounds as you go until you have the length you need. To keep it on while you sleep just knit or crochet a long strap that will reach around your waist making a loop at the end that will fit around a button that you will sew on at the appropriate distance from the end to hold it snug around your waist... (P.S. I have been a bk amputee for 19 years.)
  6. Is there a way to crochet some ribbing where to top part would be? And which yarns stretch better (if any)? Thanks!!
  7. THANK YOU for all of the input!! Definitely some good points and I'll see if there's anything I can do
  8. Hi ~ glad to help inspire new creativity!! I can see your point about specific needs. The covers were something that came up from the Loma Linda Voluntary Services as something they could use for donations. But they only offered a pattern for lap robes (lap ghans) but I've only found KNIT patterns for the stump covers and I'm not a knitter.
  9. Has anyone made or seen a pattern for this? I can't seem to find one on my own that is done in CROCHET Thank you!!!
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