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    since high school
  1. Welcome...from Tualatin, Oregon Angela
  2. Awwww, I can hardly wait to teach my lil one. He is only 3 right now. Angela
  3. Greetings from Tualatin!!! :cheer I am just off of I-5 so not that far from Portland. Angela
  4. Love the pattern!!! And it didn't take me too long to finish - once the kids were asleep. LOL Angela
  5. Simply beautiful. Just wish I had more time to make doilies. But the lil ones keep me pretty busy. Angela
  6. Very cute!!! I am gonna have to print that out and give it a go. Angela
  7. Makes me wish I had a girl but no I have two boys. Angela
  8. This crochet along reminds me to finish that afghan I started when I was on the USS Truman back in 2001.I'll have to dig it out of the closet and take a picture of it. Angela
  9. Here's mine. Not much but I am working on it. http://enchanted-daffodils.blogspot.com/ Angela
  10. Very cute bag!!! I'll have to try it later when the kids are asleep. Angela
  11. Very cute!!! I might have to make one for baby Nicholas. Angela
  12. Very nice!!! I am gonna have to make one for the craft room when I get one. Angela
  13. Very cute!!! I actually have a pair of Mary Jane shoes. I found them at the thrift store in Norfolk, Virginia. I needed them for a Harry Potter school uniform. I actually knitted the scarf which took me quite a long time. Angela
  14. Hello and welcome from someone who used to live in Norfolk. Angela
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