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  1. Because gauge is less important on an afghan than on something fitted, you'll probably be fine. The Shine Sport will be a bit thinner than the Red Heart, so the afghan will probably be slightly smaller than the pattern says unless you use a larger hook, which will give you looser stitches. However, if you bought only enough yardage to complete the pattern as called for by the original pattern, you might want to stick with the original hook size and the slightly smaller result because using the larger hook will use up more of the yarn. Hope this wasn't unreasonably confusing -- I'm no
  2. I also got a bunch at Big Lots. I made a very open-weave scarf (in HDC on a huge hook, then pulled it so the stitches stretched and mimicked a knit drop-stitch scarf) and I plan to make the Lush Cowl-Neck Sweater in "Fabulous and Flirty Crochet.: --Elissa
  3. Has anyone seen (and felt) LB 1878? I just noticed it on the Lion Brand web site and am intrigued by a pound of fingering weight wool on a cone, and am hoping that it's not horribly rough or itchy. I don't think I've ever touched a Lion Brand product that was entirely natural fiber -- just Wool Ease and Cotton Ease. Anyway, I'd love to know if it feels OK because the price is certainly good. Thanks, Elissa
  4. Many people before me have done a great job of saying what I think -- that you should continue making snuggles if that's what you want to do, and people who don't understand what motivates us to crochet or to donate our crocheted items probably never will, and the relationship between mothers and daughters is frequently complex and fraught with unexpected obstacles (certainly I never thought I'd find so many ways to disappoint my own mother), and so on. So I second all that, and more power to ya if it makes you happy. What I do have to contribute, which I know from the shelter I work wit
  5. Thanks for the info...I was hoping someone could tell me if it's itchy or soft or silky or whatever. And I'm really longing for the Jaeger yarn. But, I can't buy it...my new year's resolution is to use up stash before buying anything else unless I know EXACTLY what project it's for, and I have a ton of Lustersheen, two colors of Patons Katrina, a pile of Patons Lacette, and some black Bernat cool crochet mill ends to use up before I can buy anything just for the fun of it UNLESS it's $1.00/skein or less. Stupid resolutions. Ruining all my fun. Elissa
  6. Does anyone have any experience with Lion Brand Woolspun? It must be discontinued because it's not on the Lion Brand site, but it's on a killer sale at Smiley's this week. The name would make me think maybe it's a version of Homespun with wool in it, but the pictures make it look like the thick parts are a LOT thicker than the thin, really super-variegated in terms of size. Has anyone even touched it? What's it like? If it weren't for the $40 minimum order, I'd order just to see what it is. Thanks in advance for any assistance... --Elissa
  7. My genuinely favorite tedious stitch is HDC. For some reason, it's much faster for me to do than anything else, and it works great for making scarves out of novelty yarn like Lion Trellis or Bernat Matrix or Lion Incredible (can you tell I've been shopping the Dollar Tree yarn blowouts?) -- with a big enough hook, HDC shows enough untwisted yarn in each stitch that it looks kinda like a knit dropstitch scarf but goes about ten times faster. It is, however, tedious. You don't look at your work and think "Wow, that's a beautiful HDC. I sure enjoyed that pattern." But more importantly...Eur
  8. Real Deal -- thanks for the warning on angora! I've never worked with fluffy yarn before. A healthy fear is probably a good thing. --Elissa
  9. Thanks for the tip -- the Big Lots on Hillsdale Ave in San Jose CA (for the, like, two of you who live in the Bay Area) keeps the yarn stashed in a cardboard box under the table of scrapbooking items but I got a dozen Patons Lacette (no idea what I'll do with it, but so pretty) and a few Patons Brilliant in that nice sparkly brown (no idea what to do with that either but it was my favorite color of Brilliant). Any ideas for the Lacette? I've never worked with yarn that fuzzy -and- fine before.
  10. I assume you mean this one? (I was able to find it so quickly because I have it bookmarked to make soon. But no, I haven't made it yet.) --Elissa
  11. Hi, all: Thanks for the advice. Monael, it sounded totally reasonable to start from the other end -- this stuff is really loosely plied and the way I stitch could have been unrolling it -- and I tried it and the OTHER end was even worse! Apparently I had been starting from the friendlier end to begin with. I'm just twisting it back up by hand when it gets too loose, and just ignoring it the rest of the time because it may be thick but at least it's very soft. Re the splitting...I have the theory down -- just split it -- but was hoping for any known advice on splitting something reall
  12. My nearest Beverly's went out of business (just the one store) and sold everything at 40% off. Since their normal prices were full retail, it wasn't the greatest sale in the world for most yarns but the yardage and hand-feel on the Microspun at under $2/skein for 168 yards was impossible to walk away from and I'd been looking for a silky soft DK for the Flutter Sleeve Top in the Fabulous & Flirty Crochet book. This part is a rant. I love the way this stuff feels and I've figured out which hooks don't split it, because it splits worse than anything I've every worked with unless I use a
  13. It's interchangeable with Coats & Clark crochet nylon -- lovely colors, very strong. The Hobby Lobby stores in Houston carry it but I don't know if it's carried throughout the chain. HL never has a big color selection, though. You can order online a few places, notably http://crochetstyleetc.com/. Crochet nylon is a little stiff to work with but it makes a beautiful, strong, shiny purse. --Elissa
  14. pragmatica


    There's a lot wrong with this: 1) Because of the flash, the slight color difference between the body and the pipe-cleaner antennae appears greater than it actually is 2) Stupid cats bapped off one of the rings around his antennae 3) Couldn't come up with a good mouth for him so it's just a black size 10 thread; similarly, didn't have red yarn for an eye so used a sequin. But, it's the first pattern I've ever made up and I think I got the scowl right, so I'm pretty amused by it. The arms and legs aren't actually as hinked up as they look in the picture -- they're chains that are
  15. I do my foundation row into the chain completely wrong -- I just pick up one loop from the side of the foundation chain and don't even try to go into the two loops that look like the normal top of a stitch on a regular row. If I want a lacier edge, I pick up one of the sides and the "bump" on the bottom, but I never go exactly into the "top" of the chain because it's a complete and total pain for me. This has never caused me a problem; no none has ever complained that the edge is wrong (though I've never given anything to another crocheter, but that's because I don't know any). Similarly
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