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  1. I'm rarely on here any more but there is a NY elf that always thinks of me so I have to come to say thank you!
  2. Hi! Just realized I haven't signed on here since Thurs morning! For those of you who aren't on FB with me I'll update you (I know Mama, Joanne and Tonya know what's been going on. Hence Joanne's some what cryptic messages to me here). By Thurs evening Monkey hadn't eaten and was getting lethargic. We took him to the vet and didn't really find anything. Was told to take him home and see what happened overnight. By morning he wasn't doing well so back we went. Long story at the vet short, he has parvovirus. Bruce and I talked and talked figuring out if we were going to spend hundreds on treatment for a dog we'd had 2 days...of course we did it and now are so happy we did. He spent all weekend getting fluids and antibiotics. Things were ify for a couple days and by Sunday evening he was responding. We were told we may be able to bring him home Monday. Called Monday morning and he had a HUGE turnaround overnight! Monkey Man is home! We still have a ways to go, but it's all positive now. This week is crazy for us. I have to finish up my course with lots of homework, tests and the final. Plus I'm on 6 days again starting tomorrow. One of the girls I work with got a job in New Orleans and is moving Sat. She's like a little sister to me and I'm going to miss her something terrible so this week we're trying to spend as much time together as we can. Bruce's schedule is nuts too with the 4th of July holiday coming (he works at a park that is near the beach, on the inlet and has a jetty along with pavillions so holidays are nuts. We won't get a day off together for the next couple weeks. Know that I miss you all! :hug:hug:hug:hug AWESOME!!!! Are you on FB???? If you are you need to friend me! Are you on FB Ann?? :hug YEA!!!!! :cheer:clap:cheer Still very pretty!! I hope it goes well for you! :hug
  3. One of the reasons I've been so busy...Monkey Man came home today. He's our new 9 month old Basenji mix puppy. I'm so smitten! AWESOME!!!! misses her too. I hope everything goes well for you! Hi everyone!
  4. Hi! Sorry I've been MIA. Seems everything is so busy lately. All is well though. I miss you all!
  5. Hi gals! Sorry I've been MIA. I picked up sme more shifts at work, lots of homework for class and have been debating some life issues lately. I do check in on you all daily but not a lot to say. to all. Christie, thanks again for the anniversary card!
  6. Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had lunch at Red Lobster and I have to say it was the best meal out we've had in a long time. Christie, good luck with the biopsy. Mama, you know what I'd say your punishment is. Joanne, happy hump day!
  7. The week from heck is over. Today is the first day in weeks Bruce and I have off together. He needs new shoes so we'll go shopping then out to lunch to celebrate our anniversary (which isn't until Sat, but we both work so we won't see eachother except for an hour in the morning and an hour at night). Yesterday I alternated between crocheting for an hour then reading my homework for an hour. Let's just say the reading isn't finished, but the crocheting is! Love the scarf Melani! Ann, get rested up soon! Joanne, sorry they look like they won't win. Mama, glad you're getting settled. Sherry, I hope you enjoyed you evening with out the gs. Melanie, get outside. Face the world. Conquer it! to all!
  8. Mama, good luck with the move! Joanne, Happy Saturday! Sherry, I hope you are well too! 2 more days and I'll get a weekend, but lots to do. Cages and tanks need cleaning, homework needs to get done...fun times. Tuesday some guys caught a budgie parakeet on the beach and brought it to us. I took it home in hopes of finding the owners. No luck so far. Plus I adopted a mouse that was going to be hawk food at work, but she was too sweet to give to them.
  9. Wasn't much of a bum. Went to Walmart, shoe store and pet store (needed worms). Then had lunch with Bruce before he went to work. Then I did some clean up in the house and my test...2 hour test! By the time I got to sit down it was 4pm. Made an EdgeryDoo afghan and started a circular one. Next thing I know it's almost 9:30 and Bruce is home. Tonya, I saw your FB post about your snack and thought WTH? Now I remember! Ann, enjoy your happy meds. to all!
  10. TS Beryl is finally gone. No damage around here, but got much needed rain. Still no where near enough. Unfortunately one person died. An 18 yo boy went swimming in the ocean and got swept out. Found his body a few miles north of where he went in. They said he wasn't a strong swimmer...what was he doing out there? Such a tragic waste. Today is my one day off. I have to take a test this afternoon, but besides that (and Walmart) I'm going to be a bum. I hope everyone is safe and sound...well, at least safe.
  11. Busy week. Filling in for someone who's out this week so 6 on, 1 off, 4 on, plus homework. Plus now we're dealing with TS Beryl. Not bad and getting much needed rain. Joanne, enjoy a Monday for a change! Ann, Christie, Tonya and everyone else Everyone thinks Florida is so hot, but most of the time in the summer we have cooler temps than up north. And if you did move to Florida I would love it! Love it Melani!! I hope it's a quick and cheap fix.
  12. The only reason I'm just in one class is that this is the last one before I transfer schools. Good luck with your's! Thanks Joanne. I love the reading (medieval times right now), but the questions for homework and disscussion are confussing the heck outta me. That's a real excuse. We all know that. You'll make it though it all.
  13. Joanne, just taking one class, but it's only a 6 week course. So all the material of a regular course compacted. So lots of homework in a short period of time. Enjoy your 3 day weekend coming up! Mama, don't work too hard! to all!
  14. Ann and Christie, I hope you both are doing better. Tonya, I hope you get some real rest soon. Sherry, sounds like you'll need a break too! Joanne, I'd wish a break for you, but it sounds like you already took one! Mama, enjoy your last quiet day. to all! BTW, finger is feeling better. IDK what was going on. Going to be crazy next week. I'm only off 1 day and Bruce is working more hours too. We won't get a day together for a couple weeks. School started yesterday and I'm already up to my eye balls in homework.
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