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    Married, only kids are fuzzy or scaled.
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    Crafts, rock hounding, animals, reading, watching movies
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    Sea turtle rehabilitation specialist at the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet, FL
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    turtles and totes
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    Learned as a kid, but just got back into it in 2009

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  1. She must be related to my "always freezing cold" Mom! I've made her 2 afghans and everytime she sees a new one I made she wants it!
  2. The afghan looks great. Sorry about the break-up. Go skate your frustrations out sweetie!
  3. I'm going to make them all year too...so I say now. That's really pretty! Such a sweet thing to donate it!
  4. I got Clover Reflections hooks in the larger sizes (K, L, N). And love them! Very similar to the Clover soft touch. I'd had a hard time using the larger hooks before without my hand cramping something terrible. I had to order them from Amazon. I have all my strips done, just need to weave in the ends, sew together and edge, but I got distracted by another blanket.
  5. What classes? I have algebra and composition. Next semester will be biology (and lab) and something else. Either ethics or psychology.
  6. Yeah, it was my brilliant idea. It makes my head hurt. WOO HOO! I can't wait to see the finished one! I got to work on mine last night. The 2nd row is done. Now to start on the 3rd sometime today after more homework (composition this time, won't take long) and do some sewing. I have a bag I have to get done!
  7. Thanks Shell! I haven't been able to work on mine in a couple days. Stupid algebra. Who's bright idea was it for me to go back to school anyhow???
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