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  1. Thanks for the nice feedback. In order to stiffen it, I stuffed the teapot and spout (made separately) with cut-off pantihose. Then I saturated it all with spray starch.
  2. This is a gift for my friend who has collected teasets for years. It was the most accurate, easy-to-follow pattern I have ever downloaded. (Karpstyles downloadable patterns) No errors to figure out at all. Anyway, I recommend you try this one.
  3. Okay, Red Heart isn't my choice, but it does wear like crazy when made into an afghan. My friend bought enough for an afghan for me to make for her. It not only smells like burning tires, but it actually burns my eyes!!!!!!! I just don't know if I can take it-but have to admit I have a 32-year old afghan out of it, (at least I think that's what it was), and it has been used and frequently washed till this day. Only issue is that the cream color is sort of gray. Anyway, don't be surprised if it burns your eyes.
  4. I taught myself with books when I was 17. I was the only teenager going down to the dime store to drool over afghan patterns. I still hold my hook an odd way because no one showed me.
  5. the lilac is my favorite pattern. I like the colors in the dress and bib, but wonder: What cotton yarn did you use that's soft enough for use next to a baby's skin? I hate to make summer dresses out of yarn, but can't find a cotton alternative to worsted or sport weight. I wonder if the twins' mom would let you post pics of the twins in their little dresses? I would love to see them.
  6. Get this....one time I actually gave my friend pics of patterns to choose from so she would have something she liked for her year old boy. She picked a cute little sweater and pants that looks like a tuxedo. When I gave it to her and put it on her bed, her grown daughter smirked at it. The child never wore it, nor was it ever mentioned again. It was well executed, and SHE picked out the pattern. Made me sick. I am now very, very careful who I make things for because even if they like it, some people are so insecure they will change their opinion if someone else looks down on it. Would someone please tell me what is it about handmade stuff that is looked down on????? Are there other cultures where handmade items are valued above mass-produced items? Something tells me this has to do with our consumer-driven culture. (There are no ads in magazines or on T.V. for handmade things, so they must be inferior.) What do you think?
  7. Enjoy the big smiles when folks see this!!
  8. sorry if this is a repeat..(I posted it yesterday but it doesn't seem to be here) When I took knitted baby things to showers, the response was warm. When I started taking crocheted outfits, folks went nuts. I think it's the fact that everyone's seen tons of machine-knitted baby things in stores. Those outfits with adorable lacy crocheted pinafores and crocheted baby crocs or maryjanes make everyone break into a grin. Very rewarding.
  9. "I learned how to knit and crochet when I was a kid, but I much rather prefer CROCHET for many of the same reasons others expressed. It's faster, easier, more fun, more gratifying, and it's so much easier to correct mistakes." This quote is my exact story!!!! As I get older, I don't want to fool with paying the super-careful attention not to get my lace repeats off in knit. Not relaxing. I also find that crochet patterns have more flair and personality, particularly in baby things.
  10. I just love the blue and brown. Classy.
  11. You may be looking for something sturdier, but this is so exquisite I had to share. I'm planning to make it myself. http://www.karpstyles.com/catalog.html?item=2819
  12. The yarn is Bernat Satin Sport. Makes lovely things, but tends to split as you use it. The name's not mine-it's my daughters.....so I like it too!! I think sometimes the young mothers are more accepting of hand-crocheted items when they're not in the pale baby colors. I guess it just depends on the person.
  13. I made this for a baby shower from the wonderful dress pattern on Crotiques that I've seen others use. I made the skirt fuller, and added a couple rows of shell ruffles to the hat. I wish I had known before that there was a place I could share with other crocheters and get encouragement and feedback. I'm going to try to make a clickable link now........ Hope it works!
  14. I get it! I just didn't realize people could just look at the new posts only. I didn't get how they would see the new reply at the end of the thread. The quote thing would help alot too. Thank you all so much!
  15. I'm a total newbie, and don't know how to reply to a particular post. The one time I tried, my reply to the individual showed up at the end of the whole thread, many posts later. I ended up pm-ing her, but I wish I knew how to respond correctly. On other forums I knew how to reply to someone's reply (sort of a sub-thread). Maybe when I learn to do this, I can work on smilies! Hey, I figured out the smilies! Thanks alot!
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