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  1. aww thanks for all the great comments ladies! I did not design it myself, I found the dress pattern on CPC (crochetpatterncentral) it WAS a sweater dress but I live in Texas and it is usually 60-70 here around thanksgiving, and my older daughter (also a November baby) was very hot natured. I got the booties from Teresa Richardson (you tube) and the hat IS my design I will most certainly post pics of her wearing it! and thanks for all the congrats!
  2. I made this for my baby girl I am expecting come November, she will wear this to meet her whole family on thanksgiving. what do ya think? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=171959079493285&set=a.167834179905775.31614.100000375812616
  3. I am due thanksgiving day! :clapand here are some things I have made for my baby so far. No patterns used on the pumpkin hat or blanket, the abominable snow booties the elf booties and the owl bib I believe I found the patterns through pattern central, the elf booties will have little bells attached when I am done and the white booties and the blanket are still a WIP
  4. i thought so too! i did the set in vanna's choice and entered it in the contest fingers crossed! i did white so it would match anything and she also wears a lot of white...
  5. thanks so much ladies! I used the "kingston hat" by twj1963 of utube, and the gloves i believe i found here... for the scarf i just did the glove stitch and kept going! her b-day isn't til next month i hope she likes it!
  6. i made this for my grandmother's (mawmaw) birthday. its me modeling
  7. shes a peach shes a doll shes a pal of mine! made this for my little four year old gril for her b-day. she played with it for two days and has since discarded it the jacket comes off used a "basic doll" pattern the can be found on the web and i winged the coat.
  8. i've been told i should sell stuff b/f... i just don't think that the price would be worth all the work! as of course all of YOU on here know how much time goes into handcrafting plus price of yarn ect.... but thanks for thinking someone would pay money for it!
  9. i love it she looks so cozy! the colors are cool too! great job.
  10. thanks! he loved it too, cant say the same for his Yankee girlfriend
  11. about 2 years ago i was asked by a friend to make a afghan for the troops, after thinking about it for awhile i decided to crochet an American flag .... well a good friend of mine saw it and he wanted me to crochet him a confederate flag ... i told him "well buy the yarn" (thinking that he never would) well a week later he showed up bags of and all.... i put it off for quite some time b/c the last thing i wanted to do was start another project with red white and blue. so i had the yarn for close to a year b/f ever beginning. every time he came over he would ask about the blanket well a few months ago his birthday was closing in so i got busy ... this took me about 4months to complete and it fits squarely on my king sized bed. there were lots of ends to weave!! but he loved it and is very happy with it! and i am very happy to be done with it.... my hubby says the "stars" look like flowers but i didn't have a pattern so i did the best i could the stars were actually made separately then sewn on.
  12. ouch! i am so sorry you cut yourself I've done that b/f too, however i did manage to bleed all over the afghan like a stuck pig. beautiful blanket i love the colors!
  13. wow! truly amazing! i bet she cries! i know i would...wow
  14. any way to get the pattern? did you make it up or did you buy the pattern? any help would be great, i want to make this for my daughter for x-mas!
  15. wow! you're sooo lucky to be gifted that! i recently made a scrap-ghan with the kitty pattern. its basically just shells and its super fast to work up, and the best part is a row dosent use much yarn! good luck on finding a pattern that you want to make and have fun happy crocheting
  16. hello, i saw your post and wanted to say it dosent matter if you get on here once a yr or 20 times a day, never feel guilty about being here thats where all the fun comes from, the ladies... and men that are on here are some of the best friends in hte world. i am despretly sorry for your loss, my husband and i are just getting started out, we've been married for five years and we have a 3yr old little girl but he sure is my best friend and i would be lost with out him. i hope that you find things that help you cope with this new loss.
  17. howdy! :cowboy and welcome frome TEXAS i always start something and dont always finish it lol i have a 3yr old daughter, shes still a little young for crochet but i taught her how to cast on and i think its too cute that you made your girls scarfs and hats for flordia! well welcome to the ville you'll love it here!
  18. HEY! your not far from me... well not REAL far anyway . i am in Waxahachie... your crochet group looks like fun i wish there were more ladies closer to me that got together and did this...
  19. i too just learned broomstick lace! i love it too! its a really easy REALLY pretty stitch. your projects look great! after i bought the knitting needles to work on it i thaught my three yr old to "cast-on" shes always wanting me to teach her to crochet... but shes still to little, she does very well casting on tho she'll be crocheting in a few years maybe
  20. ok so i am not so sure how to get started... and any helpful advice is greatly appreciated i am about to start a Confederate flag afgan. my husband is very good at figuring stuff out so i had him work out the schematics... and he did but now i am stuck i think the flag maker was crazy... on the sides (like the top side part) its eight & 1/2 inches and then 3 inches... of the blue how would i do this? i really cant seem to wrap my head around this one any help is appreciated.... oh and the ONLY reason i agreed to make this is b/c HE (my hubby's friend) bought the yarn
  21. neat i have a friend who loves squirrel's i'll have to make this for her. i myself am an owl person
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