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    I love trying out new stitches, and when I can't afford yarn, (don't laugh) I use plarn and keep on.
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    I sail, sew, garden, and home can. I am a reader!
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    see above, I have no time for it!
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    Hats! and my plarn bags, cause they are free to do.
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  1. :clap Beautiful! I love the way you pumped it up a notch with the multi band at the top. So many looks from one pattern.... Heart, this was a winner CAL for all of us; thanks!
  2. Just jump on in! Everyone here was you once, and we remember how it was. You'll come to love it here real quick!
  3. :clap We're excited too! Welcome from NC.
  4. to the 'ville from Wendell NC. Congrats on the expected baby!
  5. Pam, to the 'ville!
  6. I keep checking back to see all the bags as they are finished. Wow! Are there some talented girls here! One pattern, so many looks, ALL FAB!
  7. Welcome Fatfrog, from shrimp and grits, okra and cornbread lovin' NC!
  8. LUCKY YOU! What a great stash. Since it's "found" yarn, you should go wild, and make something unique with it. What wonderful friends you have!
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