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  1. Linda - glad the BP is better! Hopefully the headache will go away soon as well. Judy - beautiful afghan!! Joanne - hope things settle down soon for you. Tam - glad you're enjoying your job and the routine of fixing dinner again. The boys were good for me tonight, not so good last night. Littlest one had a meltdown but I figure it's because he's schedule has changed. It will get better as we go along. Youngest DD (that works at HL) is going to quit. Her feet hurt so much that she can barely walk. they sent her to the dr and he told her a lot of people just can't do the w
  2. WooHoo!!! I got the afghan finished!!! Couldn't sleep so I decided to work on it and finished it early this morning. Did the reverse sc for the edging. I really like it. I have all the tails hidden and it's ready to give to my Godson. Trying to upload the picture of it, not sure why it's not loading. May have to try it again. Hope you all had a great weekend! We stayed in today, since I was up almost all night, didn't want to get up and go anywhere. we've gone through several boxes. We plan to bring all the stuff from storage next Saturday and then we'll have more to go through.
  3. Marisa - glad you found some ILTY you liked. I use it for almost everything I make. Hope your online course goes well. Sounds like a great thing to do. Mary - hope things go well for you in getting everything in order. Joanne - hope your day went ok. Cindy - glad you had a good time camping! Valerie - hopefully you will soon be adjusted to the meds. sometimes it just takes longer to get adjusted to them. Yesterday was the first day of school--both boys did great. Little one didn't even cry (which I think made DD very sad). Thanks to all for the suggestion on the e
  4. Marlene - thanks for the link to the dragon scarf!!!! It's soooo cute. Might try to make one for DIL. I think she'd wear something like that. Mary - hope things went well for you and your boys. Joanne - hope you get some rest tonight. My days are long and hectic as well. And the tension is horrible. I'm not sure anything is going to get settled soon. I just hate conflict and that's about all we have now Tammy - I didn't realize Christmas was soooo close--keep us posted on the countdown!! LOL. I usually want until November to start on Christmas projects--maybe this year I'
  5. Tam - what beautiful gifts you've made!! Joanne - no HL trip yesterday--DD wanted to take the puppy shopping to get her some more things, so that's what we did. Also no crocheting either I was really tired by the time we got home and today we had to do grocery shopping. Glad you got some "me" time and some R&R time! Judy - glad you got some crochet time in. Just keep working on those WIPs and they will soon be done. Tomorrow night I have a meeting so probably no crocheting then either. I'm going to look in my stash and see if I have enough of one color to start on my fri
  6. Mary - I'm sure Cindy would just LOVE that pattern to end her boredom That is a beautiful pattern but I would never make just because of all the color changes! Sorry you've not had any rain, we have way more than we need and it just keeps coming. That's why we have all the flooding now. If it keeps going, we'll break a record of most rainfall for the year Tammy - so good to see you again!! Glad DH and DS are in remission. I've been wondering how everyone was doing. Looking forward to see some of your projects. Marisa - hope things went well at the dr for your mom. Cind
  7. Joanne - Enjoy your weekend! Hope you get some rest. At least you have an end date now. Cindy - thanks for the link. Will look at it and see if I can some lighter weight yarn for it. Linda - glad you were able to get to the lunch almost on time! I had one of those days today as well. GS woke me up at 4:30 when he had a nightmare and I never could get back to sleep--both boys were up and dressed before 7:30 and we were still late to work. Mary - sounds like things went well for you today. My knee is doing a lot better. I'm still wearing the brace some (not every night but s
  8. Cindy - good luck with your class. Hope it goes well. Judy - I'm sure DS enjoyed his meal--seems likes moms always want to feed their young'uns. LOL (My MIL always wanted to feed as soon as we got to their house, even it was after 10 pm). Joanne - hope things slow down soon for you. I forgot to tell you all that my new boss got "yarn bombed" the other day. The other church has a crochet/knit group that meets weekly and they made a cover for her spare tire and an antenna cover--it's really cute and she was so proud of it. DD wants me to make some shower scrubbies--anyone ma
  9. Linda - be sure to write down your readings. Do you take it more than once a day? When I was tracking mine, I had to do it 3 times a day. Hope it gets better soon. Marlene - sounds like you had a busy day as well. Keep us posted on DH. Joanne - we've got the hot weather now--will be well over 100 today but this is August weather for us. Mary - stay cool. Well, I'd better get ready for work. Have a great day all!! Hugs to all.
  10. Good evening all!! I survived Monday and what a Monday. I had just barely got to work when I get a call that one of the vans has a flat tire. Fortunately the kiddos had already been dropped off for school (yes, school has started here--for the biggest school district). Waited an hour for AAA to come and change it. Then I had people waiting to count the offering, that took 2 hours. I'm not pleased that not a lot was done for all the drama that's been going on. Time will tell if anything will change. Cindy - hope you had a quiet day. My DH has more clothes than I do too. I found mo
  11. Here's some yarn I was given the other day. Never have seen it before or heard of it. Anyone else know anything about it?
  12. Valerie - good to hear from you again!! How sad that you MUST go get more yarn LOL. Enjoy your time at the yarn store today--even if it's just for white. Mary - I plan to be inside today as well. It's gonna be in the 100s here as well. We got spoiled with the 80's and 90's last week. Joanne - Hope you have a good weekend! Marisa - hope all goes well with your mom's dr visit. keep us posted. Yesterday was a sort of quiet day at work. But Monday will not be a good day, so prayers would be appreciated. Well, I've got some boxes to go through and we want to get in the p
  13. Judy - how beautiful!!! Love it!! You did a great job on it. Joanne - Hope things are good for your work. Too bad your router died but hopefully DH will remember tomorrow night to pick it up. Didn't get to read everything. I've had both GS this week. DD had a test Monday, so they spent the night. Then Tuesday morning DD twisted her ankle (again) coming down the stairs, so I've had them all week since she's not able to get up much. I told her to quit wearing those really high heels and she said all she had to do was strengthen her ankles--if she continues to sprain/twist it a lo
  14. Evening All--Hope you've all had a great weekend. Joanne - sounds like a very busy weekend but I'm glad you had some fun. My week will be another exhausting one--still don't have everything figured out. Everyone thinks because the books were set up by a CPA that all I had to do was open them and start working--well they had no idea that she didn't do anything other than the list of accounts. I've had to enter everything as we go along. Hopefully this week I'll get the budget part in and they will leave alone for awhile. Marisa - hope you're having a good weekend. Judy - what i
  15. Evening All!! What a terrible long, long day!! DH set the alarm off at 2:49 a.m. (by accident) and I couldn't go back to sleep for a very long time. Then the neighbor decided to start mowing his lawn at 6 a.m. Did get the newsletter out (with a little bit of help), had to go to lunch with the boss and then spent the rest of the day trying to get the monies figured out for a meeting tonight. Finally at 5 I had the report ready. It's a nightmare but at least it's done and we can make a few changes and it will be good. Had both the GS tonight, no karate, I was too tired. We had a go
  16. Mary - We got LOTS of rain and lots of thunder with it too. At least the temp was about 93 this afternoon, so not so bad. Glad your temps are lower too. Tried took at the pattern but I'd have to sign in, so I'll look later. Let us know what you decide to do. Marisa - sounds like a fun weekend! Hope the tests reveal something for your mom. I know she's got to be discouraged. Marlene - hope you can find a brownie recipe you like. I usually just buy the box mix, not as good as home made but the older I get, the more shortcuts I take. Today was a very long day - woke up early
  17. Mary - hope your weather is better. We're getting thunderstorms and lots and lots of rain this morning!! And it's cooling down!! The problem with QuickBooks is that the CPA that put the info did something wrong (they should have let me do since I'm the one working with it). Still don't have the problem corrected and she's the only one to tell me why she did what she did. Hopefully today it will be solved. Sorry to hear about DH and his eye problems. I'm glad that you can help him. Joanne - love the afghan!!! I'm sure Ryan will love his new blanket. Enjoy the day and tell him Happy
  18. Evening All!! What a busy weekend we had! Both GS were in a karate tournament yesterday (first tournament for the littlest one). they both did great!! Oldest GS got 2 First place trophies (for breaking and hop fighting), little one got one First Place for Sumo Battle (not as bad as it sounds--it's really fun to watch them), and second place for hop fighting. We were very proud of both of them. After the tournament we got to go in White Water Bay (a great swim park) and spent most of the day there. Needless to say, I'm very, very tired and very sore. Only did the lazy river but that was
  19. Marisa - glad you found your memory card! Enjoy your trip to your parents. Linda - enjoy your family reunion. Judy - That's a lot of fur!! I'm sure they will feel better without all the extra hair! Well our cool temps are going away. it's creeping back up in the high 90's and with all the rain, the humidity is horrible! We got about 4 inches of rain in the last 2 days--that is welcome. Yesterday was a very long day. Today won't be much better. I'm still trying to figure out the new system in quickbooks (I wasn't allowed to set up the new books as they wanted a CPA to do i
  20. Here's the pic of Ginkie (afghan) that I'm making. I'm using ILTY in peacock, orange, and white and I'm using a double strand and an N hook.
  21. and usually July in Oklahoma is 100+ temps with a heat index as well. Well this week the highs have been in the 70's and 80s!! And we've gotten lots of rain (and some hail last night, fortunately the van is ok). I know that the East is getting our hot temps!! So please be very careful in the heat--drink lots of water and try to stay cool. Good Morning Ladies!! Now the DD is working at HL, I don't have to be at work until 8!! (Was going in at 7 since she doesn't have a car now). So glad I don't have to be there from 7 to 5. Haven't read the posts will check up on everything later.
  22. Happy Saturday!! Hope you all are having a great weekend! Took my friend shopping to Walmart this morning--it's been four long months since I've been able to do that. DD has been taking her on the monthly shopping trip since I wasn't able to drive and walk all around Walmart. Started the new afghan. Decided on a granny square--will be using 3 colors, white, orange and sky blue (Thunder colors) and using a double strand. So it should go a lot faster than using a single strand DD has had the stomach bug that's been going around at work and I'm praying that I don't get it. The
  23. Good Afternoon!! I'm off until Monday morning!! I got a lot done yesterday on the afghan. I only have 4 more rows to do and then hide the tails and I'm done with it!! WooHoo!! Then I'm going to try to figure out how to the next one. Thinking of a ripple but I'm using double strands, so I'll need to probably adjust the pattern. Anyone have a suggestion? Joanne - Enjoy the new HL. You all need to shop there to support the two I have working there. LOL Hope your day goes well. Judy - beautiful spread! HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Will be c
  24. Mary - what a cute pic of Zach!! He's adorable!! And the spool cabinet is awesome!! Joanne - Hope things are going well for you. Cindy - Hope your procedure goes well and you get a good report. Again, I'm still behind on posts. Maybe I can catch up this weekend. I'm off today and have to work 1/2 day tomorrow. Then I'm bringing both GS home with me and we'll swim in the afternoon. They won't be here today DD is going to a friend's house today. DH had to work but he should be home early afternoon. Won't go watch fireworks as I have to get up really early tomorrow. I don't
  25. Hi all! A sort of busy weekend. We bought a new furbaby--she's sooo cute and sooo little. I will try to post a pic later when we can get a good one of her. she's part Papillion, Pomerarian (sp??) and daschhund. She weighs 1 pound! She's all black with a white mark on her chest. We named her Missy Snuggles (we all like Missy except oldest GS and he liked Snuggles). It's nice to have a puppy again, we've not had a pet in 5 years. So we've been playing and snuggling with her. Littlest GS is slowly coming around, he's still afraid but at least he will touch her and brush her hair.
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