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  1. Good Morning All!! Brrrrrr, it's been really cold here--way too cold for me! It's been another horrible week. I'm so ready for another job. I'm sooo very tired of all the drama and stress. Had meetings two evenings this week and I have one next week. At least I get to have a couple of hours off today, no overtime since I'm salaried, not hourly, paid. Got one afghan together, just need to do the edging around it. Now to get the second one put together. Hope to start on it tomorrow after the boys leave. They will be here tonight and we have a karate "fun" night. It's Ninja Nigh
  2. Good morning all!! Sorry it's been so long but I couldn't get logged back on, finally it decided to take my password. I've got some catching up to do. Our weather is going from 71 as a high yesterday to 37 for today! Hopefully it will just be cold and no wet stuff with it. I'm so not ready for that. I hope all have a great day and I hope to be on here tonight to catch up. Hugs to all of you!!
  3. Good Evening all!!! Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a great dinner and came home and relaxed. Attended a birthday party for a 2 year old today. It was fun, took one GS (the oldest one was in trouble and didn't get to go). It's rained a lot today, they even delayed the OU game because of the weather. Marlene - glad DH is doing well and remind him again that you can take him back and drop him off if he doesn't follow instructions. Joanne - hope you're feeling better and getting lots of rest. Our weather is going to get cold this week, not looking forward to it. My knee
  4. Hi all - it's been a crazy, crazy week!! Spent the night on Monday with the grandsons (wasn't supposed to but that changed). Woke up way to early and ended up going home early. Tuesday was the church meeting and I worked all day on the reports to "correct" them and then I had to print them up (thank goodness for copiers). Didn't get home until 9 p.m. I was wiped out. Today was much better and tomorrow I get to leave early since I was at work forever on Tuesday. Today is my 33rd anniversary. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful DH. We will celebrate tomorrow afternoon after I g
  5. Linda, I hope it goes well with your new routine. Keeping you in my prayers that you'll do good with this new routine. Joanne - sounds like a busy weekend for you. Hope you enjoy your RR time today. Judy - the fingerless gloves are so cute. I've got some patterns for some and I'm going to make some. The yarn called for is sock yarn but I can't find any without wool, so I'm going to try to use ILTY. We'll see how they turn out. Marisa - hope things are going well with you. Val - good to see you back again. Mary - hope your weather is still wonderful. We had a very ch
  6. Hi All, I survived the meeting last night but it was wwwwwaaaayyyyy too long. I got home at almost 9, ugh. I so hate those kind of meetings. I have one more this month and then I get a break for 2 weeks and we're back at them again. Joanne - hope those squares "get in your face" enough that you want to finish them. I have a RR that I started for ME about 3 years ago. It got put in a box when we moved the first time and it's still there--but it's in my bedroom now and I'm hoping that after I get all the Christmas stuff done, I'll be in the mood to get it done. Linda - hope you're
  7. Trish - It's good to hear from you. I'm glad that you are recovering well from your surgery. I look forward to getting to know you. Joanne - glad you had a good birthday! Enjoy spending your bank card from DH. Mary - that stinks about the bank. I can relate because every time we do something with the name change, we have to start all over And it really stinks that OU didn't show up yesterday Congrats on the win. Judy - Hope things are going well with you. Got 6 dishcloths made for another wedding shower--she loves them but won't be using them for dishcloths I just ha
  8. Happy Birthday Joanne!!! I hope you had a great day and I hope that someone gave you lots of yarn (or gift cards to buy lots of yarn). May you have a wonderful day!!! Read everyone's posts, you all have been busy! Judy - the afghan is beautiful!! I'm sure it will be well loved. I'm soooo glad tomorrow is Friday. It will be a busy day but I'll have all the reports done and sent in. Then I just have to make copies of everything for the meeting that's in a couple of weeks. Things are still stressful but I guess it's gonna be that way for a long time I'll just have to get used
  9. Mary - beautiful work!! Sorry to hear DH gave up his car. It's a hard decision to make. Joanne - glad you've had some R&R time. Hope your work is getting better. Mine is still the same Kiyo - congrats and what beautiful pictures. Judy - if you were close enough, I'd join you for that drink. It's been that kind of week. Someone asked if I'd decided on littlest GS afghan--well, he decided. I did a square in a box stitch and he said it was soft enough--so I don't have to buy more yarn except for the yellow I still need. I've got all the middle of the squares done for
  10. Joanne - glad you got some R&R time! I'm getting some time with my boys as well. DD is here working on the computer (she's taking a break) and doing laundry. We've been watching them ride bikes and play with a new toy little man got for his bday. Linda - Hope Rosie does well with recovery. I've had that type of surgery done and it's fairly easy to recover--not like knee replacement, which I'm still recovering from LOL. LovinThis32 - Congrats!!! I wish you well with your upcoming wedding. may you have many happy years together! And congrats on the orders--you'll be very bus
  11. Judy - how cute!! Linda - glad your day was good. Looking forward to seeing your nine-patch quilt (I'm assuming it's a quilt since you're sewing it). Marisa - Sounds like a good weekend. Hope the lady is ok, will say a prayer for her. Joanne - hope Paradise is going well this week. Home tonight--Wednesday is my night off from watching the boys. Got 4 squares done (well at least the red part, still need 3 or 4 more rows of white to finish them). I'm planning on doing one to see how big I want to make them and then decide on how many I get to make. Not sure I'll make gran
  12. Mary sorry for your loss. Joanne sorry its back to work for you. We went to the state fair saturday with both DD and both GS. Had a great time but i got sunburned Read a lot but i am on my nook so its hard to remember everyones posts Work is still stressful and now we get to add the end of year meetings and reports, hope i can survive everything. Did start on gs afghan he wanted red white and blue granny squares so will be doing that plus little gs wants one too. I will bd busy doing grannys for a long time little gs wants blue yellow and white Have a great
  13. Hi all! Looks like everyone's been busy this week. Mary - we got more rain yesterday and today, and possibly more tomorrow. The state fair's going on and it always rains during the fair LOL. Joanne- hope you're feeling better now. Marisa - glad your business is growing! The oldest GS can ride his bike with no training wheels but needs to learn to slow down some until he learns how to control the bike. Littlest one can do it but when he knows no one is holding on, he freaks out and tries to jump off the bike. It just takes time. Marlene - hope things go well for you tom
  14. Hi all - just a quick hello. Had a busy weekend, both GS were here and we played most of the weekend! They are learning to ride their bikes without training wheels--I'm not helping with that because of the knee. Hope all are had a good weekend! Hope your week goes well. I'm just praying for 1 (yes, one) normal day!! Hugs to all.
  15. Marlene - glad your sister's surgery went well. So sorry to hear of the loss. It's so hard to lose a child. Will be saying prayers for them all. Marisa - congrats!!!! Joanne - hope things are going well for you this week. Mary - hope things are cooling off for you. It's supposed to be much cooler (well, high 80s and low 90s) here for the next few days. We got some much needed rain today (the fair started, so of course it rained LOL). Linda - Your friends will appreciate your thinking of them during this time. Well, It's been a very, very long day Had the meeting to
  16. Linda - I hope Rosie's knee isn't too bad. I'm glad she's going to get it checked out. Glad your work went well today. Mary - love the pic of the boys! They are so cute! Judy - summer is still here as well. At least they are saying it's gonna get cooler. I'm ready for some cooler weather but not cold. Marlene - hope your sister's surgery goes well. I'm really glad today is Wednesday, only two more days and then I get to rest (well, maybe rest, we have the GS again). This week hasn't been as stressful but it's still not like it used to be. I'm hoping for a quiet day tomor
  17. HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY to all the grandmas in this house!! I hope you have a great day!! We have both GS all weekend--so that's our grandparents day present!! LOL They are having a great time playing in a big box (DD bought the little one a jeep and they are playing in that box). Really hot here again Can't do much outside as its so hot. Cindy - hope you can figure out what's causing your problems. Joanne - have a great day with your GS. Hugs to all!!
  18. Marlene - I was just thinking that today about too many chiefs and not enough Indians - had another conversation about the same thing. I keep reminding them it's going to take time to fix all the problems. Glad DH didn't get sprayed--it's an awful smell. Marisa - hope things are going well for you. Judy - love the RR and the furbabies. Joanne - hope you enjoy your weekend! We will have both boys all weekend--DD wants a break or she's got a lot of homework, not sure which but we're so glad they will be here. We'll be busy as littlest GS will get his bday present from youngest
  19. Linda - good to hear from you. Sorry about the ragweed--it's not my friend either. I'm really trying to stay in as much as possible cause I don't want to get sick. That and perfumes/air fresheners are my worst allergy enemies. Marlene - A quiet house--that's what I have too right now. Judy - glad you got a good size blanket out of 16 ozs. Joanne - sounds like you had a good weekend. Mary - glad you got some much needed rain. We had a "cool" front come in today, wasn't as hot but its still very humid. Hope things settle down for you soon. I got two ruffle scarves do
  20. Mary - so sorry for all that's going on in your family. I'm glad that the whooping cough was diagnosed so quickly. So sorry to hear about your BIL, will say some prayers for him and the family. Joanne - sounds like a "good" busy weekend! Glad you and DD got to go to HL. I noticed ILTY was on sale but I didn't get out as it's soooo hot (again). Glad you were able to get some on sale. Cindy - thanks for thinking of me. It has been a very busy and stressful time. I have rested and done some crocheting, so I'm getting my "me" time. Tomorrow I hope to sleep in (well at least past 7
  21. Marisa - I like #5. You took some really great pics. Joanne - Glad you've got some R&R time in already! I guess I won't have any time with my GS this weekend (or at least as far as I know). They were out of school yesterday, will be out Monday & Tuesday. so I'll get to see them at least on Tuesday at day care. I do plan to have some "hooky" time this weekend. DH will be watching football, so I'll be crocheting. Haven't worked on the boxes much - will try to do some this weekend. Hard to do it when I'm only home for 2 nights a week. Tam - great birthday pics! Looks li
  22. Marisa - sorry about your computer. I completely understand a crashed computer has happened more than I can to remember. Glad you've got everything back up and running. Mary - We seem to back in July weather - 100+ and lots of humidity. Hope things are beginning to settle down for you. Cindy - glad you have AC! It's not fun being without it. Joanne - glad you're work will be slowing down some and you will get to enjoy this weekend. I'm certainly looking forward to it!! I need a break! This week has been a little bit better but there's still a lot going on. We're still
  23. Hi All!! Tomorrow is my youngest GS birthday! Seems like a lot of mighty fine people were born on that day!! We're going to his "partment" for the party. The kids will swim and I will watch (too many kids in a small pool, I'm afraid my knee would get hit accidently). I've got the "tuptakes" made just need to ice them and put sprinkles on them (his request). Went shopping last night with youngest DD--all I got was the cake stuff and two pairs of PJs for him. They didn't have hardly any toys Will go to Target tomorrow and see if I get some kind of toy (he's requested Spiderman) but I
  24. Mary - wow!!! That's a lot of hexagons!!! I've decided I won't ever make another afghan or anything that requires a lot of sewing squares together. I just hate doing that! I'm glad that you enjoy it. Glad DH is getting a bigger screen and new computer - hope it helps him. Judy - LOL - Glad your friend can now join you in crocheting! Well, I'm ready for Friday!! This was a horrible, stressful day. I am praying for a much calmer day tomorrow. Can't really go into it here but I'm so ready for peace. I really just want a NORMAL day with no crisis. Well, I'm going to try again
  25. Mary - wow!!! That's a lot of hexagons!!! I've decided I won't ever make another afghan or anything that requires a lot of sewing squares together. I just hate doing that! I'm glad that you enjoy it. Glad DH is getting a bigger screen and new computer - hope it helps him. Judy - LOL - Glad your friend can now join you in crocheting! Well, I'm ready for Friday!! This was a horrible, stressful day. I am praying for a much calmer day tomorrow. Can't really go into it here but I'm so ready for peace. I really just want a NORMAL day with no crisis. Well, I'm going to try again
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