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  1. Happy New Year to all of you!! I pray that this year will be a great year for all of us. I got to do a lot of crocheting yesterday and today! Finished DD's afghan and started on my project. Missy Snuggles came through the surgery fine yesterday but since today was a holiday, the vet wanted to keep her until tomorrow. So we'll be picking her up after work tomorrow. We sure miss her. We will be taking her to work on Friday since we don't want to leave her alone again so soon. I promised some pics of the completed projects--so here goes. I finished DD's afghan yesterday, the boys ea
  2. Tam - your work is beautiful!! I totally understand about stressful work!! If I could quit, I would. Give it some thought and decide what's best for you and your family. Cindy - sorry you have snow. We just have cold here now. At least for now, there's a chance of some snow but hopefully it will stay up north!!! I don't knit anymore, and I don't ever remember using the circular needles, so I can't help you there. Enjoy your day! Linda - the class sounds like fun! I hope you enjoy it! Joanne - Glad your work isn't as stressful! Wow!! 7 weeks of vacation!! Enjoy all that
  3. Hi All - my internet has been down--guess it had something to do with the ice storm and now howling winds but for some reason it's back up and going. No idea how I got it to come back on. Had asked Joanne to let you all know but I can tell you know. Little Missy Snuggles will have surgery tomorrow. Her leg is not healing right and the vet thinks we should do the surgery. So tomorrow morning bright and early, she'll go to the vet and get it done. We trust this vet and know if that's what he recommends, that she needs it. He told we didn't have too but the leg would never be straight,
  4. Merry Christmas All!!! It's been a busy couple of days. The ice finally melted yesterday (it started coming down Friday night and all day Saturday). The weird thing was the streets were clear but all the power lines and trees were covered with ice. At least we didn't lose power and the wind didn't blow like they had predicted--that would have been a mess! The boys were sooooo excited. Oldest GS had told me that he was going to set his alarm clock for 5:30 A.M.--LOL. well, they woke up at 3 a.m. and never went back to sleep. Paybacks are nice--our kids used to do that to us! The boy
  5. Holly - welcome to the House! Looking forward to getting to know you. Joanne - looking forward to seeing your knitted work. Linda - glad you've made the decision to move closer to family. Cindy - hope you're safe in your comings and goings in this crazy weather. Linda - sounds like a great day for you!! Val - hoping you find a great vehicle. Mary - would rather have had the thunderstorms instead of this ice storm Well, we have about 1/2 inch of ice, ugh. DH had to go to work this morning (very, very early) but he made it safely to and from HL. We had the grand
  6. Well, another wonderful winter day here snow is now not coming, it's freezing rain and it was supposed to be tomorrow instead of today, ugh. Not sure when it will start and if we'll have the boys this weekend. Missy was also supposed to go the vet this afternoon and probably won't happen either. Had so much to do this weekend but will probably be inside crocheting and maybe playing with the boys. I hope we're able to get them before it gets bad. Joanne - glad you got your knitted cowl done! Mary - hope you don't get this winter stuff. Everyone stay warm and safe!! Hugs to
  7. Marlene - glad you got some answers to DH's problems. And enjoy your new glasses. I sure like the ones I got a couple of months ago. Joanne - glad you had fun with the boys. Val - sorry to hear they totaled your car. I hope you find a good deal on a new/used one. Linda - glad you had a good day today! Well the hat is finished, and I took a pic of it but haven't downloaded it yet (as well as the owl potholders). got all the towel toppers done, gifts are in bags and ready to go for tomorrow. The day care is having their party tomorrow (even though the boys won't be there,
  8. Cindy - Well I went ahead and used the cotton. It's only 2 small rounds and should be ok. ILTC washes up great (It's what I use for my dishcloths). So if I need to redo the nose later, I will. Thanks for offering to send me the yarn but I need it by Friday (It's a Christmas gift for my coworkers little girl). Marlene - hope things went well for DH today. Hugs to all.
  9. I have a question. I rarely mix types of yarn--cotton and worsted weight acrylic--but I am in a dilemma. I'm making a hat for a little girl and its a polar bear. Hat is doubled strands ILTY (white) and of course, the bear's nose begins with black in a single strand. My problem is I have NO black except for ILTC--the nose is only 2 rounds. Do you think I can get by using the cotton for the nose (I'm sure it will eventually have to be washed as the hat is all white)????? I look forward to your replies. All I have left to do is the nose and the ears and sewing on the eyes. It worked up so
  10. Good Evening! It's been a busy day today. Will try to get a pic of the owls downloaded so I can show them off. Got 4 towel toppers done, only 4 or 5 more to do. I have to get some buttons, looked a couple of places tonight but they didn't have any. So I'll have to try again tomorrow to get some. I really want them done by tomorrow night. Now my sink is backed up, ugh!! We're trying a few things and hoping it will work to get us by for the holiday. Joanne - be safe in all that snow!!! We're supposed to get "freezing rain" and then snow. Just would like to have snow but that rarel
  11. Well, 3rd owl is done Now on to the towel toppers. They work up fast and hopefully I'll get them done tomorrow morning in my hour before work starts and tomorrow night. It's nice this week that I don't have to go and get the boys. DD is finished with this semester. I'm going to try to work on DD's afghan for a while before I go to bed. Marlene, it's been colder here in Oklahoma than ever before this early. We're expecting an another "polar express" this weekend with possible snow. I don't handle the cold well, so it's hard for me. I'm hoping that wherever you go in Texas, that it
  12. Joanne - beautiful gifts! I'm sure they will be well loved! I got 2 owl potholders done--was making on for GS teacher and one for DIL. Well, little man wanted an owl for his teacher (tried to explain that the teacher collects owls, wouldn't have anything to do with that), so I made another owl for him. Now I'm almost finished with the 3rd owl which is now for DIL. Scarf will go to someone else. Mary - hope things are going well for you today. We're warming up to 60!!!! But then Friday, the back door will be open again and all that super cold air will be here again Valerie - Gla
  13. Hi all!! It's finally thawing out here. The kids were out of school last Friday, Monday and Tuesday cause the side streets were so icy the buses couldn't run plus the very frigid temps. I'm so ready for spring but then we'd have tornadoes--can't win for losing LOL. We're supposed to get in the 60's next week but then on Friday the Polar Express comes back again the high will be 23 and a chance of nasty snow/ice. But we'll see how it plays out. Got an owl potholder done tonight, it's for GS teacher (she collects owls). Now I'm making one for DIL since she loves owls (and the dinosa
  14. Please keep my little puppy, Missy Snuggles in your prayers and thoughts. She jumped off the couch tonight and broker her leg. DD and DH took her to the ER and they took xrays and gave her pain meds and told us that another vet would have to do the surgery. The vet they recommended was the vet that we have used for years (when we lived in the country). he's a long ways from us but it will be worth the drive for him to do the surgery. It's also $1000 cheaper for him to do it. Littlest GS is soooo upset, he has cried and cried. He's finally settled down some, He feels like it's his fault
  15. Well, on top of extremely low temps and ice/snow, we just had an EARTHQUAKE!!!!! Not a good feeling--it was either a 4.5 or 4.8; big boom and then the house shook for about 15 seconds. Really, really unnerving. We had the boys and they are big eyes and asking what it the world was that. Boys went outside for a while this morning and helped DH shovel the driveway plus DD pulled them on a sled that was left here. They plan on going out again. We also plan to make cookies in a little while. Marlene - hope they discover what's wrong with DH. Cindy - glad you have most of your sh
  16. Good Evening, Just a quick hello! DH has gone to get the GSs. Little one called and asked if I'd come and get him so he could spend the night but I told him he'd have to ask PaPa as I'm not getting out just yet--still too icy for me. So he talked to PaPa and he said he'd come get him and then he asked if he wanted to talk to the other GS. Of course, he wants to come to LOL. So my house will be filled with little boys laughing and playing in just a few minutes. Mary - stay safe and warm! We got almost 6 inches of snow but there was sleet and freezing rain before that. Another round
  17. Hi all!! It's sooooooo cold--the temps are going to get brutal for this area. They are saying it will get to -2 (without a wind chill). I do not like this stuff. We are not working tomorrow. all the schools are closed, so we close too. Didn't take little man to school today because it was starting to sleet. So DD came and got him about 2. He was so proud, he got to help my youngest DD (she's a day care teacher), he helped pat the backs of the little ones to get them to go to sleep. DD posted a pic of him on FB cause she wasn't hearing all his questions, he was sound asleep. Took us a
  18. Hi all. Hope you are all warm and safe. Marlene - so sorry to hear of your loss. Will be praying for the family. Mary - The temps dropped early this morning. The low on Saturday morning will be 7. So not ready for this!! Linda - hope you can get the other report to run later. Do you have a UPS (Uninterrupted Power supply) for the computer? That allows you time to turn off the machine without losing all your data. If you don't have one, you might check in to getting one. We got one a long time ago because of power surges. Well had a very interesting day. We had this ter
  19. Joanne- Littlest GS is soooooo excited about Christmas--he told me this afternoon that he will be getting up early on Christmas morning to see if he can see Santa. Told DD to get ready to be woke up early (sometimes payback is good LOL). Glad you got to go to craft club. I love Christmas with little ones around--makes it so exciting. Linda - way to go on the meal. I'm sure they are on a clock to make sure you don't wait more than 1 or 2 minutes and that's why all the goodies. Glad you enjoyed them. Marlene - enjoy your new car!! Mary - we're getting ready for another wicked st
  20. Joanne - it's be a fairly nice weekend!! I finished the boys afghans last weekend and have them hidden. Littlest one keeps asking if I've started on his LOL I tell him he'll just have to wait and see--mean Grandma that I am. I'm working on DD's afghan (that was supposed to be a jacket--found some squares that hadn't been sewn together).. I really swear that this purple yarn doesn't want to be made into anything! It's a granny square pattern, so I sew them together and then begin going around them in another yarn--it's was ruffling, ugh. So I frogged it and started over, using only 2 dc a
  21. Marlene - please have someone to check to see if the authorities were called--I know here it has to be reported to the police if the child is a minor. I pray that she will be ok. Joanne - hope things are going well with you. Marisa - sorry about the date but doesn't sound like he's a keeper. Linda - hope you stay nice and warm!!! It's still cold here, no yucky stuff just cold and a very stiff (40 mph) wind from the north. Could someone please shut the back door????? Mary - Hope things are going well for you this holiday. Note to self - NEVER go to Walmart the day before
  22. Hi all!! We just got about 1/2 inch of sleet, which isn't great, I'd rather have snow. The 12 to 13 inches of snow was to the west of us. Now we're supposed to get some more sleet or freezing rain this morning. We stayed in ALL weekend. I haven't felt too great--probably a cold I caught from someone at work that wouldn't go to the dr. Our new house is nice and warm--it's been nice being comfortable since our last house was sooooo cold (no insulation). Mary - hope you're not getting too much ice/freezing rain. Linda - glad you're working on some prayer shawls. I haven't made
  23. Wow, it's been a while since I've checked in. Worked late Monday, had the boys Tuesday and Thursday. Today we left early because of all the sleet/freezing rain, ugh. I'm not feeling to great, think the weather change is bringing on a cold, so I'm trying to keep it from getting worse. Took a nap once we got home. Not sure if we'll get more sleet or not, it seems to have stopped for a while. We never know here what we're going to get. Mary - it's been freezing ever since yesterday afternoon. The high was 72 and by 5 p.m. it was 37--I just hate when the weather does that! And now we'
  24. Good Morning! Up early again At least littlest one is still sleeping. So much for my plans to work on his afghan--he wouldn't go home with mommy yesterday, so he's here for all day today but we enjoy it. He insisted that we put up the Christmas tree yesterday--so we've cleaned the area for the tree and will probably put it up today but won't decorate until after thanksgiving (if we can ignore his sweet requests to decorate). Joanne - enjoy your day with everyone today. Cindy - get some rest and spend your time crocheting. Eat some chicken noodle soup to help you feel better--alw
  25. Good very early morning I have been up for a very long time. Now even the littlest GS is up (and has been for a while). Oh well, may be a nap in my future today LOL. Had a great time last night at Ninja Night. The boys had lots of fun and it was fun watching all the kids trying to new things. Little man scored 12 points on star throwing--his first time to do it--oldest one got 6 points but he was trying too hard. We'll go back for karate lessons today and do some grocery shopping in between the lessons. Little man's is at 10:15 and oldest is at noon, so we have an hour to kill and
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