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  1. Well we got the day off today. Not sure about tomorrow. Nothing is melting since the high is 14 brrrrrrrrr. Side streets are terrible but hopefully the main streets will be better this afternoon. Of course, it will get really low again tonight so no telling what the main roads will be like in the morning. Probably OKC schools won't be open since the temps are so low. They won't delay starting school, so they cancel it. The kids are going to have to make up a lot of days. Judy - I know you're getting excited about the trip. Take a small project on board in your tote. The last time
  2. Mary - we're having thundersleet - not so wonderful Not sure if some of you know that term but it's a thunderstorm and instead of rain we get sleet. It's really coming down. The last time we had thundersleet we got about 6 inches of sleet. I'm hoping it's not going to be that much this time. Some of the schools have already closed but of course OKC schools hasn't posted anything (if they close, we close). but as bad as it is, I'm sure we'll close anyway. Mary sorry about your mailbox but sounds like you've got a lot of experience repairing. Glad the neighbor was ok. Judy - I thin
  3. Holly - Hope the surgery goes well for DH. Judy - beautiful grandkitty!! J Joanne - Sounds like a fun day with the boys. Enjoy your yarn! Stay safe and warm. Cindy - Enjoy your day today. Linda - so sorry to hear about John. Will pray for healing for him. Marlene - what an adorable baby!! Hope Maya gets better soon. Well, we're back in the ice bowl It started during the night. We got ice, now snow for now, later today freezing rain and sleet and maybe some more snow. The temps are brutal - wind chill is -9. Brrrrrrrrrr Most churches have canceled services
  4. Linda - so sorry to hear about your job. I too think they needed an excuse and came up with something. Joanne - sorry to hear about your DD's kitty. Hopefully she'll come by your place. Mary - hope your weather's been great! We are now going back into the Polar Plunger (how I hate that term). It's gonna be cold all week long, brrrrrr. It's hard to go back to those temps when it's been in the 60's and 70's for almost 2 weeks! DD had to take littlest GS to the dr. He'd cry about his tummy and then he'd be ok for a couple of hours and then cry again (big, big tears, not faking
  5. Mary - what a cute pic of the boys!!! What a mess with your insurance. Hopefully it's fixed now. Enjoy your weather. We're still mid 60's here and the wind has been blowing!! Hopefully today it won't be so bad. Of course, now it's wild fires that are problem since everything is so dry. Judy - Missy is 1/2 pappilion (not sure of the spelling) and 1/4 pom and 1/4 daschhound . And the vet did tell us NO jumping but we'll see how that goes She loves to run and hop. Joanne - hope your commute is safe! Always be weather aware. Hope you have a good day today. Cindy - glad you f
  6. Hi all - Looks like a lot of you are still dealing with the snow/ice stuff. I'm so ready for spring - we got a little taste this week but next week it's back to the cold, cold winter. Judy - I hope you have a great trip to France!!! Mary - what a mess with the insurance. I hope it gets straightened out quickly for you. It's been a very long week and it's only Tuesday I'm so ready for all the drama to be over. Last night was another meeting and it wasn't pretty. I was ready to walk out the door and not come back. Not sure what to do. I really can't quit, so I'm stuck the
  7. Marlene - so glad the little one is getting better! Joanne - we watched the end of the hockey game!! What a nail bitter! Glad the USA won!!! To those of you still getting snow - I hope it stops soon, I know you all are sooooo tired of it. We actually had sunshine today and it was in the 60's! I'm so glad our snow/ice is gone!! But I'm sure we'll get more as it's just February. The grandsons had Ninja Night last night--youngest DD took them and they had a great time. DH took me out to eat, went to our favorite place and it's closed There's another one further north, so we we
  8. Marisa - hoping things go well for you and Craig. Marlene - Congrats on being great grandparents, sorry that you got the news that way. Sounds like you'll be busy getting the dinner ready - sounds really yummy!! Mary - I know about time to yourself--I rarely get it so enjoy it when you can. Well, today was a long day. Had to play catch up from being off for 1 1/2 days. And I'll have to redo the "new" report, since it won't do what the old one did. I tried to tell them, but nnnnnnooooooo the one that wanted it changed wouldn't listen. The meeting was a disaster cause he couldn
  9. Evening All!! We missed all the bad weather!!! It went to the north of us last night and to the south of us today. We actually got above 32 degrees today. By Saturday we are to have temps of 68!!! I'm so glad that it's going to get warmer. But with warmer weather comes the dreaded thunderstorms (and yes, we've had tornadoes in February here). So I'm hoping for just rain. For all my friends in the south and north--please stay safe and warm. I know more bad weather is headed your way. GS is fine, no temp on Monday or today. Guess it was just a virus. He was back to his talking
  10. Hi All - busy weekend. We had both GS this weekend. Little man was running 103 fever on Friday night, so we ended up not letting him go to karate (he was soooo disappointed) and not going to church. Oldest one was my helper since the little one wasn't feeling well. Never did figure out what was wrong with him - his fever dropped to 100 or 99 for the rest of the weekend. He didn't complain of anything hurting, so we think it was just a virus or at least that's what we are hoping for. Haven't crocheted all weekend since the little one was on my lap most of the time. But I'm sure I'll h
  11. Mary - I didn't get to crochet today but may tonight. We got 2 inches of snow. The roads were a mess, it was a dry snow but packed down and became slick really quick. I saw on the news where Dallas got ice and Houston got some winter stuff too! Joanne and all of you that are in the ice storm back east - please stay safe! Well, we decided to open tomorrow even though the schools are all closed again (the side streets are a horrible, slick mess) but we will open later so our early morning teachers don't have to leave so early when it's so cold and icy/slick. More snow for tomorrow
  12. Well no school again and ALL the metro schools are closed, so we decided to close. The roads are a mess and it just started snowing and it's blowing and making it hard to see. AND we supposed to get more tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday At least this round is just snow. But the temps are really, really cold-- 8 degrees with a wind chill of -8 (for us that's really cold, I know several of you have more minus degree temps but we're just not used to this cold for this long). Joanne - glad you decided to stay home. Marisa - feel better soon and get some rest. Holly - that's a prett
  13. Linda - WOW!! Beautiful quilt!!! Joanne - hope you can stay in today! I hate trying to drive on ice (which is what I did on Monday). Marisa - hope the date goes well. Glad you were able to meet a lot of new people. Mary - hope you don't get the nasty stuff later this week. We are in for some more nasty stuff for the next 2 weeks. Will be going to work today The roads are clear but the temps are extremely low. We've already had the high today (during the night) at 23 or so. It's 14 right now and won't be getting any warmer today. The wind chills are -5 and below. OKC s
  14. Cindy - Glad your "Talks a Lot" is beginning to read. It's so exciting when they do start reading. Ours is just now beginning to recognize all the ABC's and trying to figure out what it spells. Cute hat! Holly - good luck on getting the gift done in two weeks. Both my DDs think I can get an afghan done in a short time. They usually give me about a week to get one done LOL. Marlene - sounds like it's really cold where you are. The price of propane here is up to from $1.50 to $4.89--people are having a tough time paying to fill their tanks. Hopefully it will get warm soon so you c
  15. Joanne - hope things settle down for your DH with his health. Very scary to get a call that someone is in the ER. Tammy - beautiful scarves. I'm sure they will be well loved! Marlene - Mr. talks a lot is 5. He talked almost non-stop yesterday after waking up at 6:30!! It took him a long time to talk, so he's making up for lost time LOL. Cindy - Glad they found the problem. Well we got about 3 inches here. More to come tomorrow. School is on for today (which is a BIG surprise). So I'll be heading out soon. The main streets are ok but the side streets are very icy. S
  16. Hi all! We're getting snow--the first of many storms We probably have 2 inches already and more on the way. We're supposed to get another snow storm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday At least we've got all our shopping done and have enough to last all week if we can't get out. Not sure if the schools will be canceled or not tomorrow. I'm hoping to get to work tomorrow so I can do payroll--the day care workers are concerned they won't get a check. So if I can get out, I'll do it so I won't have to get out when it's worse. Missy Snuggles got the cast off and she's doing great! We
  17. Hi all!! It's been one of those weeks!! I have one more report to do and then I'm finished with the end of year reports!! Missy got her cast off and we were told "no jumping". so we have a new rule for the oldest GS, he has to hold her sitting on the floor since he tends to forget to hold her on the couch. We're supposed to get a lot of bad weather this week, starting tonight. First we get "freezing fog" which I really hate, then Sunday we get snow and sleet, Tuesday we get more snow (at least 4 inches) and then Thursday and Friday we will get snow and sleet. I may not be at work
  18. Happy Birthday Cindy!!! Hope you had a great day! Holly - Sorry you're not feeling well, The rest was good for you though. Joanne - love the afghan!! And I hope you enjoyed the game! Marisa - glad to see your post. I've been missing a lot lately and thought I'd just missed seeing your posts. Glad you have some new patients! Sounds like you will be busy, busy crocheting! Mary - we had a beautiful weekend!! Temps were in the 60s and 70s--but in the morning, it will be back down in the teens. If it gets 10 or below or the wind chill is -5 or below, OKC public schools wil
  19. Brrrrrrrr - it's 4* with a wind chill of minus something (who cares at this point LOL). The public school here in OKC is closed today because of the temps but it's supposed to be nearly 50 this afternoon. I can't understand why they just don't delay a couple of hours and go ahead and have school. Yesterday was colder during the day and they had school. But the day care will be open since it's not icy/snowy. Mary - hope things work out for your DH. I know it's frustrating for both of you. Linda - hope you can figure out soon what's going on with your health. Will be praying for y
  20. Good Morning to all!! Brrrrrrrrr! The high today will be 25 with a 30 mph wind (so no telling what the wind chill will be but it will be brutal). Glad all of you are safe. Sorry some have to get out in the weather but some jobs just require that. Please take your time and be safe. Still not feeling up to par. My family expects me to lose my voice at least once or twice a year but usually it's not for such a long time like this time. It was hard for my littlest GS as he asks questions on the 20 minute drive to school and I whispered to him I couldn't answer any questions--the quiete
  21. Hi all - sorry to be missing for so long! Lots has happened!!! I woke up last Wednesday with no voice, went to the dr and said it was allergies (the wind had been blowing red cedar pollen into OK from TX all weekend), so he gave me meds and sent me home. I was so tired every night I was in bed by 7. At least I have my voice back now but I have the nasty cough that I always get when I get this. At least the antibotics have helped keeping it from being bronchitis. My DS and DIL finally got to come for "Christmas" last weekend. We had a lot of fun and she loved her owls and the potato
  22. Good Morning All! Just a quick update on Missy Snuggles--she's a very naughty little puppy. We had a dr appt on Friday and we took her to work with us. I have her in my office by my desk in an alcove area--I had just checked on her and she was fine. when DD came up to get her to leave, Missy had gotten her splint off! The vet wasn't very happy with her but he took out her stitches and put on a bigger splint and told us to come back in 3 weeks (unless she manages to get this one off) LOL Busy weekend. Oldest GS will be 9 this week, so we had his family birthday party. I will usua
  23. Linda - enjoy your class!! Judy - beautiful afghan!! I'm sure it will be well loved whoever gets it! Mary - it was 4* yesterday morning, OKC schools canceled because it was so cold (wind chill -12). Hope you're warmer today. We actually got to 42!! Joanne - hope things are going well for you!! Stay in as long as you can! Marlene - Hope things are going well for you. Holly - enjoy the heat wave!! LOL Well, I noticed the street outside was wet--thinking it was raining but no rain in today's forecast. OH NO--the water main broke and is flooding the street. So most l
  24. Joanne - glad you got your afghan done for DH. The perfect weather for a new thick and warm afghan!! Holly - glad you can stay in tomorrow. It's sooooo cold--I guess we'll be going to work and school tomorrow (although I'd much rather be at home). I'll watch the new tonight but usually if they call off school they will do it by 6 am in the morning. We didn't get much snow/ice but the temps will be brutal, -10 to -15 wind chill for us. I'm really hoping they'll call off school but I don't think it will happen. Missy has been a mess. She's found squeakers in each foot of Lamb
  25. Hi All!! I've been without the internet most of the day. Since the ice storm before Christmas, every time the wind blows hard (which is nearly every day here in OK), we lose the internet. Takes me a while but I can get it back on. Will have to call once the weather settles down some to see if they can fix the lines. Thanks for all the kind words about the afghans. Oldest GS wanted a red, white and blue one (same colors as DH's afghan), and he was very specific in the pattern of colors. Little one wanted wild and crazy colors and I told him no, they needed to go together (DD is a fan
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