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    I've been crocheting since November of 2008, and am learning something new everyday.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Customer Service Agent
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  1. Mellrb702

    My first ever doggie sweater!!

    It came out very nice. Nice color too
  2. Mellrb702

    Donated pet items

    Very nice of you to donate. Everything looks really cool.
  3. Mellrb702

    Christmas Dress for Teddy Bear

    Oh, how nice it is. Love it.
  4. Mellrb702

    Halloween Scarecrow Tested for stormy

    That is so cute.
  5. Mellrb702

    The Super Tote

    Very nice birthday gift. Better than anyone store bought one. Really cool.
  6. Mellrb702

    Willow Square Potholder

    Thanks a lot all for the compliments
  7. Mellrb702

    Ripple Potholders-new pattern

    Hi, thank you for the nice compliments. I did use cotton. I used Lion Brand Lion Cotton.
  8. Mellrb702

    Dishcloth Bouquet

    This is so CUTE!!! Love it. Very good idea.
  9. Mellrb702

    Pink Lemonade and LimeAde Dish Cloths

    They're both very nice. I love your Blue Ribbon pattern. I've made so many of them.
  10. Mellrb702

    Cool Diamonds in Bright Colors

    Very pretty! Really bright and cheery.
  11. Mellrb702

    Stitch Sampler Baby Blanket

    Hi Deb, it came out very nice. Love the colors too. Very nice job.
  12. Mellrb702

    2011 Wish List Thank You's

    Thank you so much to my FGM in FL who thought of me and sent me the really cool fridge magnet from the Bahamas. Love it. ((((HUGS))))
  13. Those are so cool. So nice of you.
  14. Mellrb702

    Tickled Pink giveaway: Winner Has Been Selected!

    How cool. very nice. No need to add me though. Good luck all.
  15. Oh, please add my name. Your Blue Ribbon, is one of my favorite dishcloth patterns. I've made about two dozen.