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    Prayer shawls, baby blankets, ripple afghans
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    My grandmother taught me the basics when I was 7, but I picked it back up again in November 2005.
  1. Carol, Thank you! Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, I just saw your question. It is Caron Simply Soft Brites Blue Mint and just the regular CSS Black.
  2. Thanks Julie! I never would have picked these colors myself, but I think they are very pretty together. I really like the green and sand colors in yours...green is one of my favorite colors (right behind pink!) but I wouldn't have thought to put it with the brown. They're gorgeous together. I should be working on my rr...but instead I'm here looking at these beautiful color combinations and looking through my stash!
  3. These round ripples are so beautiful! It's going to be so hard to decide on my next color scheme. I love the sand and green colors together that Julie is doing...I also love the green and pinks...and the one with the yellow and purple...then there's the one with the yellow and red...I'm never going to be able to pick one for myself to do! I didn't have much crochet time this week, but here's where I'm at so far: (Clickable) Once I finish this round of blue mint, I will do 7 rounds of black...and then attempt to add the granny squares! I'm hoping to get the 7 rounds and the gra
  4. Lindsay, Judy, Michele, GrandmaB - your rr's are all very pretty! I love all the fun colors. When I finish this one in the teal and black, I'm going to make one in some fun colors too. These are my best friend's daughter's favorite colors, so that's why I'm using them. Ordinarily I wouldn't use black. For some reason I just don't like to crochet with black yarn. Judy, Did you say this is your 4th rr in a month??? Wow! Your hook must be smoking!
  5. Thank you! I'm making it for my best friend's daughter, and she has "zebra" stripe sheets on her bed in these colors. The blue is CSS in Blue Mint, and I couldn't believe how well it matched her sheets - it is perfect.
  6. I've been lurking here admiring all of the round ripples - they are all so beautiful! I finally decided to give it a try. I decided to use the pattern at sewonfire.com with the corrections that were posted here. Here's my progress so far (hopes this works!) (It should be clickable.) I loved RoseRed's hot pink and black rr with the granny squares, so I'm shamelessly copying her design! Just a few more rounds until I will attempt to add the granny squares!
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