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    Born in NYC, moved to Texas as a teen. 2 daughters & 5 grandkids-3 boys, 2 girls
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    Dallas suburb, Texas
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    Crochet, reading, gardening, grandkids
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    Facility Administrator at freestanding Emergency Center
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    women's accessories (hats, sweaters, jackets, purses, wrist warmers, shawls, shrugs, ponchos, belts), afghans, scarves
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    off and on since the mid-70s
  1. Hi, Shelly... I'm in Texas too! Howdy and to the 'Ville. Browse, learn, join in the fun and learn lots! I've bee crocheting for more years than I can count, and I'm always learning something new. So glad you're here
  2. I really like both of these... especially the scarf with the popcorn edge. Thanks for the instructions; I'm making some as Christmas gifts, and one for myself, too!
  3. those are really cute! Isn't it amazing to create things "as you go"? Love it!
  4. Hello, and from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex! You will become *addicted* to ... just look at the rest of us! Where else can you do what you by just picking up a yarn and hook? The possibilities are endless and you will find so many projects to work on, you won't know which to start first! Congrats to you and your husband on the birth of your precious little boy! What a joy! The 'Ville is the best place for encouragement as you're learning this wonderful craft... look around and let your imagination run wild! Glad you're here!
  5. Howdy from North Central Texas! Welcome to the 'Ville, David. I'm not familiar with your disease, but my prayers are with you. You will absolutely *love* this site. The folks are so very supportive and you will learn more than you can imagine! I'll be looking at your blog to learn more about your journey.
  6. They look extremely nice... and I really like pineapples. You did a beautiful job
  7. Thanks for the heads-up... I'm using the Bernat pattern. Already started working on one of several for Christmas gifts. I'm using one strand of RHSS in lavender and an I hook. I'll take a look at the Red Heart pattern... if it's faster, might switch over LOL. Can't wait to finish these so I can make one for myself
  8. I already voted in this poll and selected the 'Ville, of course. It's set up as one of my tabs when I launch my browser, and I click thru it at least once a day. So... here's my list: 1. the 'Ville 2. e-Patterns Central 3. Annies Attic 4. Herrschners
  9. Oh no! A faster, easier, more convenient way to separate me from my money
  10. Those are really nice! Super job and blue is my favorite color
  11. Your scrubbies look so cool... gonna have to make some of these. Looks like they'll make quick & easy gifts. TFS!
  12. Oh, what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL scarf! The colors blend so nicely... you did a wonderful job! WOW!!!
  13. I've always used Boye hooks. But I recently bought a set of Susan Bates Silvalumes in F thru K that were on sale at HL. Haven't had a chance to use them extensively yet, but I like them so far.
  14. Good for you! It looks really nice and snuggly
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