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    I have a cockatiel named Salvadore!
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    music, collecting faery books, fantasy books, computer games (WoW)
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  1. I'm making one now and it's AWESOME! Thanks for the amazing pattern!!
  2. :thinkTHe link doesn't work anymore, its just a bunch of asterisks... that's odd..
  3. That is just amazing!
  4. I'm on my 11th row and i've changed my colors. I went out and bought different yarn. I'm using RHSS for this one and I'm thinking of it as a Valentine's afghan.
  5. Okay, thank you. It's right.. It's looking more normal as I go along, I just had a scare because I thought I was doing something wrong. lol
  6. I think I was confused.. but there should be six stitches between the the beginning and ends and the first peak (3 dc in ch) right?
  7. Hey all, i'm working on my ripple from the Susan B's Easy Ripple pattern and i'm concerned about my edges.. are the ends supposed to decrease? can anyone show me a pic of what they're supposed to look like? thanks
  8. I am using Susan B's Easy Afghan pattern and since I had to decide what colors to use out of a mismatched stash.. lol nothing really went together but I happened to start with a maroon and a tan color so then I remembered I had some medium blue and voila! country time red white and blue colors!
  9. I'm hopping in and starting a ripple! It will be my first one and first afghan!
  10. An error message keeps popping up and aborting the website. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing that? Edit: I tried it on the Firefox browser instead of IE, and it worked!
  11. lol is it supposed to be a little ruffely on rnd 6? >.>
  12. Hey all. I have a question about Rnd 5 in the Lyn's Round Ripple Pattern.... it says: Rnd 5: sl st into st, ch3,*2dc-ch2-2dc in the ch2 sp, 1dc in next dc, skip 2dc, 1dc in next st. repeat from * around. join. the part i'm a little confused about is the bolded part I'm confused about where exactly the dc is.... what are the dc's that you put the 1 in and skip 2.... I hope I explained it well enough. I'm probably having a duh moment but I'm newer and I really want to learn how to do this
  13. oy, i'm having a rough time with this pattern (Lyn's Round Ripple Afghan patt). I don't know if i'm supposed to dc in a stitch or in the actual stitches. it's confusing. it never seems right as I work on it and I have to frog. I can't get past round 3. I guess i'm still confused on the part where it tells me to "ending with 1 dc in same sp as ch3, ch2,this completes the last V-st. sl st to join." I wish I new what this was supposed to look like, because then in round 4 it says to "sl into the ch2 space"
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