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  1. Wow! That is absolutely beautiful!!!!
  2. Beautiful! Looks like it would be fun to make!
  3. They are both absolutely beautiful! I love the color choices!
  4. That is adorable! Love the colors!
  5. So colorful! Very pretty!
  6. Just finished a baby blanket for a co-worker who is expecting her first baby. I got the patterns from Leisure Arts "Make One for Baby" and I used Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn. I did not care for the picot border so for the last row I did sc in one st, hdc in one st, 3 dc in one stitch, hdc in one st and repeated that all the way around.
  7. roadrunr55


    Wow! They are all beautiful! What a blessing you are to all your friends!
  8. That is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see it when it is done
  9. Very pretty! I love the colors!
  10. Very nice! Love the colors!
  11. I am making an afghan with RHWL and I love it. I have always been torn between using the original RH yarn and other brands like Simply Soft. I like the stiffness of the original RH. It seems to hold its shape better, especially when making squares, but it is not soft at all. And when I made my last project using RH, the lighter colored yarn was thicker than the darker colors, so the size of my squares wasn't consistent. I also came across several knots in the skein. On the other hand, Simply Soft is so much softer, but so limp and separates easily. So recently I decided to try the RHWL.
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