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    crochet knitting crafts horses jack russel terriers and of course my 4 grandboys.
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    I work in a home processing kitchen.
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    afghans, baby adult graph squares theme
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    about 1962
  1. Welcome to the place where great people help others.
  2. you're off to a great start. Don't get discouraged when you start sewing the squares together. Sew some then crochet some and the project will be done before you know it. Good luck.
  3. I have made several pieces of work for my DIL who is fabulous with her scrapbooking. She uses trims and leftover yarn on serveral of her pages.
  4. Great site, I use a primary journal for my ideas and WIP.
  5. Interesting. Keep crocheting and knitting people. Best Loser TV show would not be inpressed.
  6. This sounds very interesting. Just what I need more yarn, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Welcome from Illinois.
  8. Welcome from Illinois. Waiting for the snow to arrive.
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