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    crochet knitting crafts horses jack russel terriers and of course my 4 grandboys.
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    I work in a home processing kitchen.
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    about 1962
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    afghans, baby adult graph squares theme
  1. crommom

    Hello from Planet Blanket

    Welcome to the place where great people help others.
  2. crommom

    My first grannie square!

    you're off to a great start. Don't get discouraged when you start sewing the squares together. Sew some then crochet some and the project will be done before you know it. Good luck.
  3. crommom

    Going Sideways....

    Great job!
  4. crommom

    Crochet trim on my Scrapbooking Layouts

    I have made several pieces of work for my DIL who is fabulous with her scrapbooking. She uses trims and leftover yarn on serveral of her pages.
  5. crommom

    project journals

    Great site, I use a primary journal for my ideas and WIP.
  6. crommom

    Crochet or Knitting Cuts 500 calories

    Interesting. Keep crocheting and knitting people. Best Loser TV show would not be inpressed.
  7. crommom

    mill end yarn

    This sounds very interesting. Just what I need more yarn, Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. crommom

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome to a great site.
  9. crommom

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome from Illinois.
  10. crommom

    Hi There...Picked Up My Needle Again...

    Welcome from central Illinois.
  11. crommom

    Just call me Webby

    Welcome from Illinois
  12. crommom


    Welcome from Illinois.
  13. crommom

    Canadian Crocheter

    Welcome from Illinois.
  14. crommom

    Good evening, all

    Welcome from Illinois. Waiting for the snow to arrive.