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  1. I was thinking about designing a bag with a picture on it (like the picture actually crocheted). I'm not sure how to do it though, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it. Thanks!
  2. I was thinking about making a mattress for my American Girl Dolls, but not sure how to. Would making a wide cube, but making it not very tall,work? Or should I just crochet a couple rectangles then sew them together? I couldn't find a pattern, but if anyone knows one, I wouldn't mind that either Thanks in advance
  3. I saw this cute pattern for a shawl, but the stitch is confusing me When I do the stitch it doesn't come out like the picture for it! Help please? Thanks in advance!
  4. just meant dino as in short for dinosaur, not flinstones and thanks ill check it out
  5. I'm looking for a dino amigurumi pattern I have a weird obsession with cartoon dinos and thought this would be perfect Thanks in advance Also please I would like it to be free Also if there is just a pattern a could change a little to make a dino that would be cool too
  6. I loved the idea of making doll clothes, so this is a cute 'lil original dress I made for my American Girl Doll Well, Id post a picture but I can't figure out how to, so you can visit my blog (just click the link in my signature) to see it.
  7. thanks! that makes more sense now lol
  8. I found this cute crochet case pattern, but I'm little confused here is the link: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=96690 Whats it mean working in BLO? and whats it mean MC, and CC? Pretty much the whole thing is confusing me, but I really want to do it :/ I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!
  9. This is so cute! I'll totally make one! Thanks for sharing
  10. I can try to make some 'lil booties I'll look for an easy pattern and I'll make a couple pairs
  11. Thats horrible! :o Ill definately make some squares! I'll start right away, can you pm me your adress so I can mail them to you when I finish them?
  12. My mom loves that I crochet but she hates buying me yarn xD
  13. thanks! sweet now all I need is my yarn and ill be set
  14. Again, I have another question I feel like Im spamming the board with questions xP I'm going over this pattern, and I'm totally confused this is the link to the pattern i want to start: http://stitch.hellooperator.net/free-patterns/amigurumi-doll/ the charts are confusing me its saying things about multiples of 6, and thats really confusing me, and this part: row 1: 6 sc into ring (6 sc total) row 2: inc1 all around (12 sc) row 3: 1 sc, inc1 around (18 sc) row 4: 2 sc, inc1 around (24 sc) row 5: 3 sc, inc1 around (30 sc) etc… what does the inc1 mean? does it mean you do 2sc in each stitch? thats all I could think of, because this looks a lot like the beginning of a slipper pattern I just did today, with the increase of 6 sts each row, and that same pattern backwards except instead of the inc1 it just said 2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc, et cetera is that like what this pattern is doing? thanks in advance also for some of the rows on the chart, the number of stitches are the same do I just do the row like it says earlier on my post then just sc in each sc? and its telling me to use the magic adjustable ring, and I have no idea what it means by that and how do I start? im wondering if I just put 6 sc in a chain because thats what all the amigurumi patterns I have start with, and with the slipper pattern I was commparing to
  15. thanks a lot! thats awesome ya I saw the 3.5 oz on the label but I couldn't find the grams so this will work so ya I can't wait to make the amigurumi doll once I get the yarn ill keep that in mind now