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    Merryann Palmer
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    I am married, have 2 boys, both US Marines, & 6 grandchildren
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    We are full time RVers and live in our motorhome
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    crochet, embroidery, genealogy, reading, cooking, grandchildren, travel
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    Home decor; baby; toys
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    since 1971
  1. That is the one!!! Thank you so much - now to see if I can purchase the magazine.
  2. Hi! I am looking for a pattern from a Crochet Today magazine that I have no idea what the date or issue number was. It was in a section titled "Handmade Wedding", and is an oval pineapple shawl worked with Aunt Lydia's Bamboo Crochet Thread, size 3, with an E hook. It was on pages 28-31. I spilled Coke on what I found to be my only copy & it is a mess! Can anyone help?
  3. :cheerI just discovered this site through Stumble! and think it's great!! I love crochet and am currently working on a pair of christening sets for my best friend's daughter. I'll be trimming them in the appropriate colors as soon as the doctor can tell us what they are! I have been crocheting since 1971 and am mostly self taught. One of these days I'll get the Love Knot right! I have entered items in the NC State Fair (when we lived in Raleigh) and won a number of ribbons. But mostly, I just love to make things for other people. I give away probably over half if the items I make, although
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