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  1. Hi Ladies Thought I would just pop in to say Hi. I have been busy working and adjusting to my new apt. Things are going pretty good so far. Iam hoping that once everything is running good I will be able to come back here daily. Right now I don't seem to have time for too much. I hope everyone is doing well Lots of Love Mary
  2. Hi Ladies I have missed everyone soooo much. Things are coming along good for me. There has been so up times and down times put I just keep going. I should be in my new apt. by next weekend. AS soon as Iam moved and have everything set up I will let you all know. Lots of Love Mary
  3. HELLO LADIES It has been a long time. Just to start off I do think about you guys alot. I like it that we are still connected thru facebook. Ok here goes, my news............... Iam moving sometime between the 15th of July and Aug 1st.when the apt. is ready. This was not a decisson made easy. It has been alot of crying and thinking long and hard to come to this decisson. I pray every day for my kids, mother and sister that are standing behind me and are helping me along the way. My Mom turned 80 yesterday and we are having a surprise party for her Saturday night. All her grandkinds and great grandkids and also other family will be here. This was a very hard secret to keep. She is going to be very surprised. Plus I can't wait to see my 2 kids that don't live here. My son has told me that as of Sept 1st he will be moving in with his girlfriend of one year. She also has a little girl so I guess I will be able to say that I have 4 grandkids then. Iam very excited about this. I try and get here when I can but that dosen't seem to often lately. I also have a craft show next weekend, long weekend, and then another one in Nov. So between moving, looking for a job and crocheting I don't seem to have much time on my hands. Which is a good thing right now. Well it was nice talking with you Lots of Love :manyheart
  4. Hello Ladies It seams sooo long since I have been here. I have been crocheting every chance I get. I did get alot of things made... I never did get back to finish the last 4 sweaters. Life kinda got in the way. I think about everyone and I see your post on facebook. Talk to you Later :manyheart
  5. Joanne what pattern are you using for your totes? You did a great job with them and the baby blanket. Leaann your afghan is very nice also. I love looking at all the pics of things that you make. Have a nice day everyone
  6. Joanne I only got 56 sweaters done right now. I didn't feel like getting the last 4 done. My hand was just to sore. Right now Iam making funny hats and Iam enjoying that very much. I will get the sweaters done before the show in June, but right now I just want to play with other things.
  7. Beth I know you said it is a craft sale but what kind? School, church, special event, etc..... Is the sale before or after mother's day? If it is before then I would make some stuff that kids can buy for their Moms, like dishclothes, towels, doilies etc....... Grandmothers always think of the season that is coming. When I have sales in the summer, which Iam, I make the sweaters, hats, mittens, slippers etc........ gifts that would make great chritmas gifts. anymore questions just ask away. Iam glad to help. You can always pm me on facebook also, cause Iam not always on here. Hope eveyone is having a great week Lots of Love
  8. Hi Ladies I have finished sweater number 56 and Iam trying to get some stuff done around the house also. It has stopped raining so I have been able to get outside and do some work before those nasty blackflies start. My arm has been relly bothering me lately also. Tonight I should be able to sit down and start sweater number 57. I cant beleive how well I have done with my new pattern for sweaters. Iam just so proud of myself. Leeann I love the new hair cut. To everyone else I hope you all have a great easter. Lots of Love
  9. Hi Ladies 55 sweaters done and Iam now on 56. Iam moving along quite nicely. I had a dentist app. this morning and I have to meet someone to do some paper work then back home to crochet. Hope everyone is having a great day, Raining again here.
  10. Hi Ladies Long time no " talk ". Sorry I have not been around but if you have been on facebook than you all know why. Iam now on sweater number 54 and Iam pretty sure I will have the 60 done by the end of the month. The next things I will be working on will be hats and towels. My first show is the second weekend in June and the next one will be at the end of June and then one more the first weekend in Nov. Iam keeping pretty busy and I just love it. I hope life is treating everyone wonderful and I think about you all every day. Hugs and Lots of Love :manyheart
  11. Feel better soon Beth. Crocheting like the wind .............. hmmmmmmmmm and how fast is that?
  12. Hi Ladies Iam glad to hear all the news from everyone. I love coming here and reading what everyone is up to. Me Iam almost finish the cleaning upstairs. Just a few more boxes to go thru and it will be done. Iam still making sweaters for the craft shows for this year. I will do the towels when it gets closer to the shows and the warm weather. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm .......... Warm weather, I can't wait. We had snow here again. About 8 inches again. It is now raining here and by tonight it will freeze again. That is when I don't go outside. I had a little nap today cause I was feeling a little down. It did help a bit. Taht is all for now Talk to you Later Lots of Love :manyheart
  13. Hi Ladies Just a quick note. I have been cleaning my house from top to bottem. Getting rid of everything we don't use and Iam going to seel it. How is Spring in God's country.................... It snowed another 8 inches last night Grrrrrrrrrrr. I know that spring will get here, I just wish it would come soon. DD and GK come on Friday for a week. Iam really looking forward to that. I better go , I only allow myself soo much time on here then it is back to work. Everyone have a great week Lots of Love :manyheart
  14. Hi Ladies Iam home after a looooooooong day of shopping. Iam just checking a few things on here and then Iam off to crochet. Beth I think it was you who asked about my stach? DD went for me on the weekend and is coming up here for a week in 2 weeks. She didn't get me too much, just 8LBS I will take a pic just for you. LeaAnne I love the afghan you made and the pillows. I hope everyone else is doing great Oh Joanne........ congrats on the baby boy Grandson. When is your DD due? Talk to you later Lots of Love :manyheart
  15. Hi Ladies First off, Welcome Elizabeth. How is everyone doing??? We have been very busy here. Dh painted the Livingroom/diningroom/kitchen. I helped the first day but my hand just wouldn't let me help anymore. So I got to do the taping and putting paper on the floor. We painted it a pretty sage green. Iam really happy with it. I have been working on my stock for the shows. Iam doing really well on the sweaters and I just stop when my hand hurts. About my hand, it is getting better but when I move it certain ways it still hurts. Iam still wearing the cast that I can take off. Oldest DD and GK 's are coming here for the March break. Iam soooooo excited. Well that is all the news here. Have a great weekend Lots of Love:hug:manyheart
  16. Hi Ladies Sorry I have been missing but my computer was down and it just got fixed. I don't have time right now to catchup with everyone, Iam just heading out the door. My arm is alot better now. I just wear the cast when my arm really hurts. Iam still making sweaters and Iam hoping to have a good stock for the coming shows. DH and I are still haveing our moments but for the most part things are going good. Iam hoping to get the painting done on the weekend , if my arm and the weather are both good. Hope everyone is great Talk to you Later Lots of Love :hug:hug:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  17. Hi Ladies The winter blues have hit here also. I did make our supper for lunch so that we only have something lite for supper. My in-laws always eat their meals that way. I didn't feel like doing anything else so I had a nap instead. The crocheting is coming along. I can now crochet for longer periods but still not up to speed yet. Iam trying to use my right hand more things. My house is still turned upside down, but I know I will get things back together soon. Iam hoping to paint the livingroom/kitchen at the end of the month or beging of march. I hope everyone is having a great week. Talk to you Later Lots of Love :manyheart
  18. Hi Ladies Just passing thru quick. Iam trying to get my house cleaned. Not being able to do things for a couple of weeks really shows in the house. Iam going thru stuff and throwing stuff out. Iam hoping to paint soon, when the weather gets alittle nicer so I can open the doors and windows. The crocheting is coming along slowly. I dont have to take as many breaks but Iam not as fast as I was. I know that will come in time. My wrist is healing and Iam exercising it as much as possible. I hope everyone is having a great week Talk to you Later Lots of Love :manyheart
  19. Hi Ladies I dont need surgery and my wrist is healing nicely. Happy Birthday to Vicki and Marisa hope you had a great day. Talk to you later Lots of Love
  20. Hi Ladies Iam just passing thru to say " HI " I hope everyone is having a good week. Iam thinking about everyone Lots of Hugs
  21. Joanne congrats Grandma. Grandkids are just the best. Are they going to find out the sex? My hand is still alittle sore. I go to the surgeon on Thursday this week. Please keep your fingers cross that I don't need surgey. Thanks I have been crocheting a little each day, not very fast or for very long each day. Hope everyone is having a great weekend Bye for now
  22. Marisa you and your family are in my prayers.
  23. HI LADIES My arm is feeling better but it will be really good when the cast comes off in 5 more weeks as long as the surgeon doesn't do any thing to it. Iam keeping my fingers cross on that one. I have NOT had a pain pill in 3 days now :cheer:cheer for me. Tomorrow Iam going to DD'S to babysit and Mom is coming with me to babysit me Son-in-law is meeting us have way. I tried crocheting and I can do a little but not to much cause then my wrist hurts. I found a couple of games on the computer that I can play so that helps. I like it that someone said to sort my yarn stach but have you forgotten how much yarn I have ????????? I hope everyone is having a great weekend Talk to you Later Lots of Love :manyheart
  24. HI LADIES Leeanne Iam very limited to what I can do. I have been crocheting for 38 yrs now, Iam reallt missing it. I can't do any thing with my left hand. Iam starting to get cranky also. All I can do is sit and watch T.V. and that is not alot fun. I think the next 6 weeks are going to be the hardest for me. I hope everyone is having a great week Talk to you Later Lots of Love :manyheart
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