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  1. Hi all! Hope everyone is keeping warm! I know out east it is getting a lot of snow, stay inside all! Will be glad when the weekend hits here. We have been getting cold temps (I know, the 30's isn't cold for some but in the South, it is cold!) but this weekend it is supposed to get back up in the 70's and stay for at least a week! So glad about that! Almost done with some things I have been working on so I should be getting back to making squares for all!!! Be blessed all and take care!
  2. Hey all. Frozen here in Louisiana, everything is shut down. Had to come and pay the mortgage for the church so thought I would stop in a give a frozen shout out to all. STay warm all those that are in frigid areas (most of the U.S. it seems!!!); about an hour north of us got snow, we got freezing rain which can actually be worse! I didn't go to work since the interstates are closed and I already know the bridge I go over is closed as it is a bridge that retracts for the boats so it is metal! Babysat all day, but really need to get back to crocheting! Found out my family up in Indiana is coming to visit me in April for the Strawberry Festival/Mardi Gras! Excited! My nephews have never been down here before. I can't wait to see their faces when they see their first crawfish! It's crawfish season come April, so gonna have lots of goooooooooooooooooood food!!!! So, thinking of this is about the only thing keeping me warm. lol. Take care all, get better all who are struggling with colds and flus! Be blessed!
  3. Hi all, just stopping in real quick like. I haven't had a chance to go over all the posts yet, but wanted to let ya'll know we are cold here in Louisiana!!! I know waking up in the 20's isn't cold to some since, like my mom said today "I would love for it just to get to 20!" but it is cold here! Wish it would hurry up and get warm again! Hope everyone is healthy and steady hooking! Be blessed everyone, stay encouraged and know there are lots of skeins of yarn out there that need to be bought! LOL! Lisa
  4. Good afternoon all! God is truly Good! I just gotta tell ya'll what He just did for me! I ain't gonna preach though lol! I have had some difficulties with my car now for about 10 months, making loud noises, shaking and all. Someone told me my rack and pinion was ready to go out (it does need replaced, but it was like an urgency!). Well, my tire blew the other day, my Pastor came a half hour away, put the donut on, took the old tire and got another one and replaced it for me, and my car no longer shakes and makes noises! I tell you, God is a keeper! He kept me from all hurt, harm and danger, and if He did it for me, He can do it for you!!! Sorry, now for the squares! Katy, I got your squares today and I thank you soo much! I cried when I read your card! You never know who you affect, and I teach all the time that our attitude and character means everything! I know I can't get on as much as before, but I miss all you all, talking and sharing. It made me feel like I had friends everyone who had the same common goal I did. Crochet our troubles away and make a difference with what we make!!! Anyways, just wanted to stop in to say hi before I head home. At the church setting up for video recording the sermons on tomorrow. Pastor just called and said I got the sound right, so heading home. Everyone be blessed and happy hooking to all!!!! Lisa
  5. Hey all! Congrats to Ms. Queen! I have some purple squares done, I will have to see what size they are and make some more! Katy, I need cotton, any color (especially varigated and/or bright colors), any size. My turquoise is on hold for a while. It is in the 70's right now here so I am enjoying the warm weather! As for my living arrangement, don't feel bad! My sister told me she was sad for me and I asker her why! I'm not sad, and one of the men that live there has been going to church and actually joined the church I go to on Sunday, so God has me there for His reason! lol. I got a scarf done for my youngest nephew, working on two more right now! Not sure if I will get to the hats yet before Christmas, but will be trying. Happy hooking to all, and to all a finished WIP! lol!
  6. Missed you too Katy!!!! Can ya add me back to the list? I hadn't been working for 5 weeks so haven't been able to much of anything. I got a job two weeks ago (Yeah God!). I also had to move again, and please don't feel sorry for me! LOL. I actually live in the shelter! I didn't want to do it, but God had a different plan for me. I have been there about 4 weeks now or so, and while it is not particulary nice sharing a room with other women, I teach a Bible Study on Friday evenings and bring people from there to church. So, I am fulfilling God's purpose for my being there! Started back to crocheting just this last weekend since I have a 4 day weekend! So, like I said, lots going on. It is freezing here (in the 30's and 20's at night). Thankfully by midweek it is going to be back up in the 70's and 80's during the day! We all are excited for the warm weather to be back!!!! Take care all and be blessed!
  7. Hey All! Sorry haven't been around lately, a lot has been going on. Tried to post Tuesday evening, but it seems like it didn't post. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and for those that braved "Black Thursday/Friday", I feel for you! No way would I go out there and want to experience that! Did it last year on Thanksgiving evening to Walmart, I don't ever want to do that again! A lot seems to have changed up in here, I can't even remember the last time I have been here in the group. But welcome to all that are new, congrats to all the queens, sorry for anyone that is/has been sick! Take care all!
  8. Wow! I disappear for a while, and everything has changed!!! What did I miss?! I know there are a LOT of pages I should go thru, but I don't think there is enough time during a day to do this! Welcome to any new members that have come in the last three to four weeks (I think it's been that long, maybe longer!). A lot has happened for me lately. I no longer work from home, I started working at a lawfirm here in Hammond, just started last week. I hadn't crocheted in a few weeks, but am working on my Christmas presents again. Need to get everything done within the next several months before I go to INdiana. Once I get these done, will get back to making squares. I pray everyone is getting lots of squares, that the friendshipghans are coming along! Hope everyone has a great week coming up! Be blessed
  9. Well, I did get one thing accomplished today! My sister has problems with her memory (among other things) and had forgotten how to crochet. Well, I helped her online to relearn it. I explained it, but she is like me, has to see it. So I sent her a Youtube video for beginners and viola!!! She is crocheting! She has only done the sc, but she is excited she is remembering!!! So, my good deed is done for the day! lol Hope everyone is having a great day. WE actually are having a day without storms, so far anyways!! Happy hooking to all!
  10. GN Owlvamp! Thanks for your tips! I got my clay soft and pliable, now I just have to figure out if I want to make my first one a solid color or mix it. I have 4-5 different colors that were in the package, as well as figure out which hook I am going to start with! I am checking out Youtube to see what they have done as well. I am sure they are going to turn out great!!! Maybe, if they turn out good, this will end up being a side business for me. All the more reason why I need to work at Hobby Lobby for the Christmas season!!!
  11. Owlvamp, I actually got Kato polyclay. I have never bought clay before, so while I was looking at clay, I think I picked the wrong kind. Hopefully it will loosen up some so I can work with it. Maybe I just didn't have patience for it and need to work with it longer. lol. Did you use the "glue" I have seen some people say they use to keep the hooks inside? I had a hook with a handle and the hook came out and want to make sure it stays inside. Just kinda wondering how you did it. Depending on how everything turns out, I will post pics (even though it's not squares!). I am almost done with a scarf a lady at the church asked for, I love the colors. It's turquoise, silver, black and white!!!
  12. Hello all. Hope all is well. Still working on Christmas presents. Also going to try and give it a whirl making those really nifty handles for my hooks! I bought some clay over the weekend, but it is sooo hard! I might go get some softer clay, or it says you can get this solution that will soften it so it is workable. My sister crochets and with her having Parkinsons (she has had it for several years, just got diagnosed with it this year and is only 45). I thought with making some larger handles for her, it might make it easier for her to hold the handles and do some crocheting. I think they are so neat! Not much else is going on here. We have been having really bad weather lately. thankfully no hurricanes, but thunderstorms now most of last week, every day this week, and supposed to keep on raining off and on for the next 7 days at least! No wonder they say Louisiana is wet, it always rains! lol Hope all that are sick get better soon. I know about allergies, I am allergic to Tide, found out the hard way. Bought some Tide one time because they were giving away coupons where it would be free, I walked to work so I had deep, deep red/purple colored feet. It was like my whole foot was one hive! I itched so bad over my body, looked like I had huge red welts all over. Doctor gave me some allergy pills and cream, it eventually got better but took a long time for my feet to stop itching. they actually hurt it was so bad. I had to rewash everything in the house, sheets, towels, everything. That was the most expensive bottle of laundry soap I have ever bought!!!
  13. Hey all, just stopping in. Becca, sorry about your loss. I've been doing a lot of crocheting, but it has all been Christmas stuff! We are going to Indiana to where my family lives in November for Convocation with a lot of churches that are under my Pastor, so I am taking the Christmas presents with me for my family. Everyone is getting scarves, my two nephews will get hats since I didn't make them one last year, and if I can I will throw in a pair of mittens. My mom is also getting a blanket/throw made for her. I want to make it a little bigger than a throw, but not quite so big as a large blanket. I am using up so chenille yarn I have and making one HUGE granny square! It is nice and heavy right now, but I got more to do. I think I still have about 5 more skeins of the yarn to put on there! So I probably won't be getting any squares out until I am done with these, November is getting here quicker than last year! Seems like as you get older, time sure does fly! Hope everyone is safe and staying cool. It stays in the 90's here, the heat index is supposed to be over 100 today for us, so staying in where it is air conditioned. Thankfully they fixed the air over in our new building so those that are working in it won't be so hot! Take care all and many blessings to you!
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