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    married mother of 2 little girls. 2 1/2 and 5 mos
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    anything artsy and creative, movies, music, family, swimming, tanning, shopping, traveling, dancing
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    aesthetician/spa owner
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    baby beanie hats
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    March 09
  1. thank you very much, I found your blog before this and have started making one in black, I have the bottom complete, I changed it a little bit mainly for sizing but not much, now I just have to figure out the middle part, I'm a beginner so I don't 100% know what all the patterns mean.
  2. I love the crochet bikini's & one pieces
  3. I guess I am a bit confused about this 'right side' thing too? when starting the body am i making it onto that marked row from the sleeve? not separate & then sewing it together after? lol sorry i amso confused
  4. thankyou, okay it makes more sense to do it on each end
  5. Well I am a beginner so I don't know a whole lot about reading patterns, up until now I've just been making my own or following you tube lol soooo excuse me if it's simple and I don't know what I am doing lol Anyways I am working on the arms and well here's the pattern... http://www.modadea.com/patterns/LM0250.htm I'm having trouble with row 2 of the sleeve. How or where to put that increase at the end of those right rows? And what is this part for, just 11 right rows right, so is this sizing the upper arm or something? Because without adding that it seems it will fit my arm the whole way up anyway. Or is that so it will attach to the body properly? And when do i continue the general pattern until? What is 161/2? Lol i probaby sound clueless, but what i've started looks good so far!
  6. thats beautiful, I'm sure she'll love it
  7. that is BEAUTIFUL I want one
  8. I have made sooo many more lately I will have to get a bunch of pics together soon, but here are 2 pics of my youngest wearing 2. A black one with white flower and a burgundy one with matching flower.
  9. thanks I still wish I knew someone with a newborn to try it out Mine is too big for it I have a neice or nephew due in September and can try it then.. but it won't be that size come easter time.
  10. I agree beautiful colours very nice job
  11. thanks everyone I hope I will come up with some better things as I learn more too
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