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  1. Gleda, the magazines have arrived yet! :jumpyay:party Oh, that is so fantastic! I wish we would have magazines like that in germany. I've written a private message for you with all the details. Thank you sooooo much! :hug:hug:hug
  2. Hi Gleda, thank you very, very much! :hug:hugThis is so wonderful of you! I'll let you know, when they have arrived, but I think it will take some weeks. I'm so much looking forward and I'm so curious what they will be like. Moreover, how much was the postage for you? Love, Jomo
  3. Thank you all for caring and helping me with this. Crochetville is really a wonderful place. @ moonspinners: I'll pm my adress but I fear, that the shipping will be rather expensive for you, too. I really would like to paypal at last for the shipping costs.
  4. Hi Debbie, thank you so much for that link! :hugThis is great! However, this definately looks like a topic for my christmas wishlist now, since the crochet! magazine is $ 4.80 but the shipping $ 36.85 . Thanks Debbie, Jomo
  5. Thanks a lot, I was hoping so much that it was a sequal that I nearly bought it. The other titles of Jan Eaton are also available in UK and US terms, as far as I can tell after visiting amazon. I have to be careful, since I'm used to the US terms now althought being european .
  6. Ah, I see. Whishful thinking only. Thank you for your reply on that. I'll love to join the 200 blocks CAL as soon as some other projects are finished in the meantime I'll visit the thread and look for inspiration. Thank you and good luck for your christmas wishes
  7. hook_and_hype

    inca hat

    Most likely in the chain (to close the round).
  8. I'm not sure but to me they look like big tube like shapes, done with big yarn and a big hook in double or treble crochet. I would start to crochet a circle and when I reach the right circumfence work evenly without increasing to the lenght I want the "tube" to be. Here you'll find a pattern for helmet hats, that are worked with the same principle. Maybe you can adopt one of these patterns for the brim part: http://www.yarncat.com/newsboy_cappatt.html http://mycrochetstuff.blogspot.com/2006/01/beret-cap-with-brim.html http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=21665 http://www.hometown.aol.com/tepperleen/page4.html http://www.bhg.com/bhg/printableStory.jhtml?storyid=/templatedata/bhg/story/data/1130943050452.xml&catref=cat840013
  9. Hi, Some time ago I bought 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws, and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix and Match by Jan Eaton von Interweave Press and I really like it a lot. Recently I've found another book with the same title but with different cover and sold by a different publishing house (David & Charles) Does anybody know if this the same book or if it's a sequel to the one I own already? Incase its a sequel I would definately go and buy it.
  10. Hi, Last year I wrote a pattern/sceme plan for a very easy dog sweater, that should work for any size dog. It's freely available on my blog. Several people tried it and have given me positiv feedback about the pattern, check out the gallery, maybe you'll like it too.
  11. Hoi glinster and mange tak Cuddlefish for saying hello! Happy Birthday Cuddlefish!!! (I just found out and had to edit this post) @all Does anybody know if we have to contact an admin for having our european RAOK or Secret Pals section? Maybe we should give it a try. I would like to organize something like that (i.e. the Secret Pals) but I'm not sure how that works by now.
  12. Hi Denise, thank you for the links, which I didn't know. I've tried them instantly but couldn't find an up-to-date crochet! or crochet today magazine. Anyway, thank you for careing.
  13. Hi Kimberly and Lynn! Thank you for replying! Wow Kimberly, one get's a lot of yarn for 40 Euro! What do you think, would you like to participate if there was an extra - european based - secret pals snd/or swapping thing? It's not only the costs but also I've always worried if my parcel will arrive at all. Once I've sended some chocolate to someone who had a special belgium chocolate (which I can get here easyly) on her wishlist but it never arrived .
  14. Hi, I really would like to read/subscribe to one of those crochet magazines (crochet! or crochet today) but unfortunately the first one is only shipped to the US and Canada, the second one requires a credit card, which I don't have (it is not so common to have one in germany). Would someone be willing to send me an issue when I paypal for it? How much - including shipping - would that be? I've never looked inside one of those magazines, but judging by the cover they look very interesting and I love to collect crochet magazines . Any help would be great!
  15. Great slipper! I think, it looks a lot better than the original version!
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