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  1. You are welcome. Don't worry about the picture on my behalf - moving is hard enough without having to worry about little details like that. Hope everything goes smoothly for you:)
  2. Thanks for answering my question katy. I will check with the individuals when I PM them as you suggest. As for being on the list for squares, for now I would rather give than receive:) Thanks.
  3. I have a question. Are these supposed to be traditional granny squares or are they any pattern as long as size/color/other specifications are okay? Thanks.
  4. Darski - I haven't made my first clue #2, but if you don't like the openess of this motif, it seems like it would be really easy to make the last four rounds (everything outside of the flower in the circle) more solid by simply DC every stitich, leaving only the corners as places where you ch 2. Maybe you would like it better that way (may have to buy more yarn though to complete the afghan)
  5. The pattern reads as follows: Row 1: Hdc in the third ch from hook (2 skipped chs counts as first hdc) and in the next 3 chs, 3 hdc in next ch, hdc in the next 5 chs, * skip next 2 chs, hdc in the next 5 chs, 3 hdc in the next ch, hdc in the next 5 chs; repeat from * across: 208 hdc Row 2: (Right side): Turn; skip first hdc, slip st in next hdc, ch 3 (counts as first hdc plus ch 1, now and throughout), skip next hdc, work Puff St in the next hdc, ch1, skip next hdc, (work Puff St in then it moves to the top of the next column Hope this helps.
  6. Melani - I like the second color choice - I think this will give you a very elegant finished product. I think the first color choice will give you a more country looking finished afghan.
  7. I can tell you how I decided although it probably won't work for everyone depending on what colors you have chosen. I noticed that in the colors suggested in the color tutorial by Bernat, the contrast D was turtle green and contrast A was aqua frost - both in the same color line with D being the darker shade. Then I noticed Contrast B and Contrast C (butter) are also sort in the same color line with contrast C (colonial beige) being the darker shade. So once I decided on my colors (using RH Soft), I decided white was MC (like Bernat suggested), teal would be Contrast D. Using seaform which is lighter shade but similar in color to teal, I made this contrast A, and then my two other colors (lilac and grape) I asigned as B and C respectively based on C being darker shade than B. These are a lot bolder colors than I usually work with, but I thought I would take a chance. Since there is so much white, I figure that will help even things out a bit.
  8. I know this is a long shot, but does anyone out there have a source where I could buy the pattern only (rather than the kit) for the Marcelle Afghan designed by Brenda Sampson that is on the Mary Maxim website http://www.marymaxim.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10001_10054_3074457345616996781_-1_15033_15034 Thanks Sharon
  9. I have the book and the yarns used are listed in the back. It says that Red Heart Super Saver Painted Desert Print (#303) and Black (#312) for that particular Afghan. Hope this helps:)
  10. Me too! Me too! I would like to be entered as well. Thanks for your generous giveaway!
  11. I would also love to be included in this give away. I do not have any stitch dictionaries and would absolutely love to be able to use it to learn new stitches. Thanks for this very generous gift from you and the publisher. Sharon
  12. Congratulations to the winner!! Enjoy!!!
  13. This is really cool - I absolutely love this concept - can't wait to see how this turns out - please keep posting pictures - I'm really enjoying this even if I'm not crocheting along (too many WIP already)
  14. Hi Tammy - Please PM me your address - I have two blue squares ready to go:) Sharon
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