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  1. I looked at the Scallops blanket and it reminded me of the "Crocodile stitch". If you look on "you tube" there is a lot of videos on how to do this stitch. You can layer them stacked on top of each other or alternate them. Check out the diifferent videos and see if one of them would help you.
  2. There are so many free patterns out there. RedHeart offers a bunch and Lion Brand does too. And then there is FreePatterns and ......
  3. I think I have the pattern. I bought it as a kit about 7 years ago. But it was difficult to find. If I can figure how to paste a picture here I will show you the afghan completed.
  4. I have two Nebraska Lottery canvas bags that DH won during promotions for some lottery. One is very nice. It has pockets inside and on the outside. The other is just a simple canvas bag. But they are washable and hold my projects until I am finished. My son & DIL gave me a really nice large tote bag for Christmas and I keep all my Prayer shawl yarns and projects in it. And then my yarns stash I keep in see thru totes and have them numbered. And then I have a large card that lists which yarns and how many skeins of each I have. I only have 3 or 4 totes. LOL And my New Year Resolution is not to buy any more yarn until I can eliminate at least one tote. My other son and DIL gave me a bottle of wine in a really nice hat box looking container. I store some of my crochet hooks and shorter knitting needles in it. The crochet hooks I use a lot are in a canvas pencil bag with a zipper, that I keep in my canvas bag. I am slowly collecting plastic toothbrush storage containers and put my DPN's in them marking what size they are. I bought one of those craft bags with a metal frame that stands. It has lots of nice pockets too. But the metals parts come apart and the bag falls over. I really liked it, but I can't get it to stay together. Timeflies
  5. I had to cancel. I can't post pictures.
  6. I love the colors. I agree about the blocking. My husband found a large piece of styrofoam for me to use when I block. It was from some kind of insulation. Works great.
  7. Very, very nice!!! I always amazes me how different a pattern looks in a color other than white/ecru.
  8. How lovely!!! I love doilies. And the ecru color is pretty! Even if it is white. I like to make doilies in the summer. They are cooler to work with.
  9. It doesn't bother me. They just don't know any better. I'm sure I could not call all of a doctors/dentists instruments by their correct name. Heck, I have trouble naming tools in my husbands tool box. Hammer, screwdriver, pliers.......;-0 that's it!!
  10. I can go a day or so with out crocheting. And in the summer I can put it away until fall. The winter just seems like the best time to curl up with a bag of yarn and hook away. I made 4 afghans and 3 poncho's and 3 ice cream purses this fall/winter for Christmas gifts and was a little burned out for a while. But now I am working on a shawl.
  11. Welcome to Crochetville. I am from Hartington. And we may be related. You will find a lot of support and great info here. I am sure you have discovered that already. Timefles Tres
  12. I am going to make one of those some day. Maybe my granddaughter would like one!!
  13. I love looking at tatting. I don't think I can do it though. My eyesight and arthritus are a bad combination. But it has always interested me.
  14. I agree! I like the blue scarf. How did you get it to zig-zag like that?
  15. That is so neat! Is it heavy? It is balanced so that if/when you crochet it wouldn't slip down, out of your hand? Aren't you going to crochet at least one item with it?? I would like to se the other items you received also. Your DH should have classes to teach other guys "how to buy your wife/girlfriend the perfect gift".
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