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    Wife, mother of 2 lovely daughters, grandmother of 1 fabulous little boy!
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    Reading,crocheting and my job, which I love and feels like a hobby, lol
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  1. I am soooo happy! Joann had Cebelia on sale last week and I had a coupon, so I stocked up on all the colors I had been dying to try or get more of. With the sale price and a coupon, I ended up getting it for 3.28 per ball and free shipping. I got it yesterday and am home sick with the flu, so I am crocheting like a mad woman since I don't feel like doing anything else. Who would want to do anything else anyway, with all this new thread!!
  2. Beautiful! I hope to tackle this technique someday.
  3. All are truly beautiful! Good luck at the fair!!
  4. Help! For anyone who has made this doily, thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I am on the 5th row, doing the scrolls. This is the part where I am stuck: after doing the 1 sc in each of the next 4 sc.....1 sc in each of the next 2 sc on side of scroll, repeat from* 6 times. I know this is going to turn out to be something simple and I feel like a ninny already, lol. This is for my Mom and I want it to be perfect . It's 11:52 on a Saturday night and I am scratching my head , obviously not thinking clearly, lol. Thanks again!
  5. Very pretty and I think the black would be stunning with the teal.
  6. What a great idea!! So creative, it turned out lovely.
  7. Wow, you've jumped in with both feet! Great job!!
  8. OK, I just saw the pics of goodie2shoes BMC and it is just WOW.
  9. What kind of thread do you use? I want a good thread that will last when I make a project. I have done several thread projects in Aunt Lydia's and one in Baroque, which I liked. I'm just not sure which are better threads. I've been looking at some DMC.
  10. I like the sound of the in between. I've been looking for the best method. I just started thread doilies and have several ready and waiting. I just didn't know which way to go. They look ok now, but I think the stitch definition would really pop with a little work.
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